Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Day of Recovery

This morning I woke up to the bright light of a new day. The snow is still here but I feel the worst is over.

More snow is forecast for Sunday but it doesn't appear that is another Major Winter Snowstorm.

On the news last night I saw a statistic where only once in every 100 years does Philadelphia have 25 inches or more of snow. The last two weeks Philadelphia has had 25 or more inches of snow.

I don't know what the average is here where I live on the coastal plain of southern Delaware. I do know it is very unusual. All this snow and digging out brings back the bad old memories of my winters in Pennsylvania. I never thought I would experience those days again.

I was very angry at the Other Half yesterday for his constant mocking of me shoveling snow and then making blasting me at the end of the day as to why I was out driving around in our development when I was only helping our HOA person in charge of the snow removal. I blasted back. I've had it with the snow and the inconvenience that it causes.

I hit another snag this morning. I took a picture of the area at my front door to show what it looked like before I start shoveling the snow. I put the camera card in my computer and it doesn't work. Just another frustration. The drive is shot. Oh well, I has the USB cable. I'll use that and try not to let this latest snag ruin my day.

I would love to go out to the store and get a fresh supply of bananas but I'm not sure if I want to chance it on the still ice and treacherous roads.

My friends Bob and Jim are going to be rescued from their snowbound doublewide on their 22 acres of wooded seclusion. Bob's nephew is driving from Maryland to dig them out.

I heard from my friends Paul and Jack last night. They made the move before the second storm from Jack's place on Rt. 24, where they were without power and heat during the first snowstorm, to Paul's place in Ocean City, MD. They are in a safe place.

My brother John called from his home in sunny and snow free Greenville, SC yesterday. He told me our brother Isaac, who lives in the family home in PA, is still snowed in but does have power now. John told me that the snow has collapsed all the metal awnings on the house and the big metal awning next to the detached garage. Isaac is facing some substantial repair bills.

Most of my holly trees are gone. There were just sticks when we moved in here in November 2006. Over the past three years I have lovingly fed and trimmed them to a healthy, bushy green delight. I look out back now and I do not see them. They are gone, under the snow. I'll probably replace them with Leland Cypress trees this spring.

I am so tired of this snow and its aftermath. I'm looking forward to life going back to normal. I keep telling myself, each day will get better. And it will. Now to get that USB drive fixed. It's always something isn't it?

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