Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Golden Anniversary Class of 1959

The DHS Class of 1959 50th Anniversary Portrait

Last night at this time I was sitting on a folding chair in the middle of Walter E. Kottmeyer Stadium in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The occasion was the Commencement Program for the Downingtown High School West Campus class of 2009. I, along with seven of my classmates from the Downingtown High School Class of 1959 were the Golden Anniversary Class and guests of the current DHS Class of 2009.

Tonight as I type this blog, another ceremony is being conducted for the Downingtown High School East Campus class of 2009. Although I was invited (and I said I would attend), I opted out. While I enjoyed last night's ceremonies, I didn't want to repeat sitting out in the cold breezy evening with only my yellow shirt for warmth. If I was smart I would have worn a suit or a sport jacket (which I don't possess) but I thought the evening would be warm. I actually debated wearing a short sleeve shirt of a jersey. Boy I'm glad I didn't make that decision.

Instead, I journeyed back to my lovely home in the wide open spaces of southern Delaware. Am I ever glad to be home! I like Pennsylvania but it's just too crowded for me at this time of my life. Too much traffic on the roads (including a lot of school buses) and too many winding roads. I'm very tired right now so I'll make this a brief blog entry. I have many more pictures to post and a few videos.

The trip was well worth it for the once in a lifetime experience. I'm glad I went.


G said...

Hope I don't insult anyone. You can tell who the young one is. The man in the yellow shirt. Mike

nitewrit said...


No way would they have gotten that sash on me!


Ron said...


Thank you!

Ron said...


You couldn't participate in the ceremonies unless you wore the sash. Just think "There she is, Miss America!" I have to admit after I had the sash on I was looking for the long runway.

G said...

And don't forget the bathing suit competition. Mike

Ron said...

That's something you don't want to see us golden anniversary folk doing. Believe me. It wouldn't be a pretty sight.