Saturday, June 20, 2009

Keeping it Real

Recently, a friend and regular reader of my blog sent me an e-mail with a link to an article about "Secrets of Productive Bloggers." Basically what the article said was that most of the productive bloggers make it up sometimes. Well, initially I took some offense to being sent that article. Was she insinuating that I make up some of my blogs? I don't mean to be too defensive but I'm here to tell you that anything you read on my blog is not made up. It is the whole, unvarnished, gospel truth. To me it's too hard to make things up. Anything that appears in this blog is the real deal. There is nothing artificial in this blog.

Another friend of mine likes to write stories. He tells me he writes often about his childhood experiences but substitutes made up names for people and places. I asked "Why? Is someone going to sue you?" He says that John Updike did the same thing with his novels. Maybe that's what the famous writer John Updike did, but if I ever got around to writing my Great American Novel it will be with real names of people and places. Events would not be made up. There would be no exaggerations (like the author who got into trouble with Oprah Winfrey.) To me real life is so much more interesting and, sometimes unbelievable than anything we can make up.

Such is the case with my daily blog. Of course there are things I cannot write about out of respect for privacy of my friends and relatives. I don't post that information on my blog. Once I did about a good friend of mine who is slipping into dementia but I was reminded by another friend that I wasn't being fair by making such information public. I agreed with him and deleted that blog posting. Occasionally I slip into revealing too much personal information (such as my recent visit to my Mother in Pennsylvania) but I usually catch it before I publish the posting.

What the readers of my blog see is all real events in my life. They may be interesting to some people and other people may find them a snooze fest. I can't do anything about that. In fact, I'm not even concerned with those who don't find my blog interesting. I write my blog for my own benefit as a form of therapy. Of course I enjoy hearing from readers of my blog who find it interesting. Who wouldn't like that compliment. I'm no different than most people, I appreciate attention for my efforts. I thoroughly enjoy writing my blog. I don't feel my day would be complete without my blog posting.

From a young age I've always liked to write. As a teenager I had at one point sixty seven pen pals. What did I write in my letters? Probably much of what I write in my blog now, events in my daily life and how I react to them. In fact, I still have some of the letters I received from my pen pals of over 50 years ago. I may publish some of them in future blog postings. I don't know if I have any of my old letters though. If I do, it would have been one that was returned for a bad address. It would be interesting to see what I wrote at that time.

There are some pre blog postings that I have lying around though. Over the years I have kept journals off and on. One such journal I found recently. Reading it now, it sounds somewhat immature but hey, that's where I was back in January 1, 1986. I offer no apologies nor do I make excuses. It is what it is. Enjoy:

January 1, 1986

A bad day. I feel on the edge of losing control. I bore everybody - nobody is interested in me.

I must make a resolution to concentrate on my work and stop spending my time on unproductive activity.

I am my own best friend. I am on the threshold of achieving what I want. Can't let carelessness prevent me from obtaining my goals.

The ad isn't working. Just a bunch of loser(s) that I'm wasting my time, stamps, and telephone bills on. But I don't know what else to do. The bars are not a viable alternative, I go crazy in them. Joe is supremely indifferent to me. The arrogance (or is it immaturity) of youth. Forget that.

Perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut and go about rob-like ways - that seems to please jut about everyone (except me, and after all what do I matter?)

Time for a retreat Ron, at least temporarily. Go to it Ron!

Reading over this entry now twenty three years later it sounds like I was feeling mightily sorry for myself. I don't remember who this "Joe" was so he couldn't of been that important. The "ad" I referred to was a personal ad in the Philadelphia Gay News. I could write a book about that experience. Talk about people crawling out from under a rock.

One thing is for sure, I don't feel sorry for myself like I did back then. I have a different perspective on life now that I am older (approaching my seventh decade on this earth.) I'm thankful that I'm in reasonably good health, I am somewhat financially secure and I have a small but loyal and faithful circle of friends who like me just the way I am. All things considered, I am a pretty lucky guy. Still, it is interesting to go back in time and visit that other guy I call "Ron." What an interesting life he led.


G said...

My Glenn has always kept a journal. Even more since we have been together. We don't want to forget the many things we have shared. Your rihgt about the truth. Life is so much easier when we just stick to the truth. When you stray from that, it always shows. Mike


Ron, if you noticed there were multiple people on the article I sent to you. No one was targeted as not being truthful; I just was sharing an article I found and thought it interesting that this particular blogger had written these remarks.

Of course we don't know how many people might 'not keep it real', but frankly, I'd say you're always super-real in your posts.

I like to share information that I think others might enjoy seeing; I didn't take offense at the article the guy wrote, and since I also blog 'the truth', I just took interest in it, and thought you might as well.

I like the picture of you; you look much like my grandson (Justin) looks at his age of 18.

You might be a bit older in the photograph, but the similarities are amazing.


Ron said...

Oh yes Diane, I definitely keep it real in my blog postings. Maybe too real sometimes. I have to rein myself in.

I was 23 years old in the picture that appears on this blog. I had just moved in with Bill in his New Jersey apartment. The parakeet was our pet. Super friendly.

Ron said...

You are so right Mike; life is so much easier if we stick to the truth. My problem is that I can't lie which drives Bill crazy. That is one of the reasons I came out so early (1963) before it was fashionable to do so. Of course there are times when you can't say the truth so at those times I say nothing. That's better than lying. I place a high value on my integrity. I think once you lose your integrity you've lost it all. That's why I'm not a politician. I could never lie.