Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Sunday

"Stormy", my friend Big Bob's cat

Today is another overcast day on the Delmarva Peninsula. No complaints from this quarter. After the past two years of almost no rain during the spring and summer seasons, the farmers of the area are finally getting a decent growing season. Everything is so fresh and green. While it would be nice to have more sun, this isn’t a bad trade off. We have still gotten enough sunny days for my tan to return.

My tan, that’s ironic. All the years I laid out in the sun trying to get a tan and it never worked. I never lay out in the sun now and in fact, try to avoid the sun between 10 am and 4 pm, lest I reactivate my precancerous skin cancer condition. I have yet to put my toes in the sands of any of the beaches here on the eastern coastal shore. The closest I came to a beach was last year when my brother John visited me from Greenville, South Carolina and he walked the beach (in his brown dress shoes yet.) I stood on the boardwalk and watched him. Now I’m covered in a healthy tan all summer long without any effort. I never got a tan like this living in the middle of the woods in Pennsylvania. It must be the ocean breeze that produces such a tan.

I haven’t taken my car out for a ride yet today, but I’ve been assured by a couple of friends that my check engine light was probably caused by me not screwing on my gas cap tight enough. The check engine light came on immediately after I got gas yesterday. In fact, even before I turned on my ignition, I was aware that I had not tightened the gas cap as much as I usually do (four turns.) Both of my friends said they had the same thing happen to them. They said they took off their gas cap and put it back on again but that it did take a few days for the check engine light to go of. I’m hoping that is my situation. I can’t afford any more big expenses at this time. It seems as if once I get my spending under control, some unexpected emergency always pops up. The unexpected seems to be expected.

This morning I got up early to make my favorite Quiche Lorraine. I like my version best. I’ll have this for lunch all week. I also baked some cinnamon muffins for Bill’s sweet tooth. Actually, my sweet tooth too but I’ll be gone for at least two days this week visiting my Mom in Pennsylvania and attending a couple of graduation ceremonies. Yes, I will go up to PA with my check engine light on. I’m confident that my gas cap caused the problem. If not, well I have Triple A. I’ve had it since 1982 and never used it. If my buggy does conk out I hope it’s not in the middle of Newark, Delaware. Now wouldn’t that be an adventure?

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