Sunday, August 31, 2008

One More Day

Such a beautiful day today! Clear skies, gentle breeze. I have one more day on my current work schedule (3 to 11 PM tonight) before I have two days off. I enjoyed working the last four days. It has been awhile since I worked five consecutive days. I was unsure of how it would affect me but, apparently, I am managing. I'm even enjoying it! Working days is quite different than working evenings. Both are interesting but different. Prior to taking semi retirement a few years ago, I worked full time for approximately 43 years. My first job was running errands for my relatives in the apartment building I lived in on Washington Avenue, in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. I was only four years old at that time. Later, during school, I worked as a paper boy, office cleaner and weekends at Marty Brill's Meat Counter at the Downingtown Farmer's Market. I also worked as a dishwasher, gardener (read that as "weed puller") and orchard picker. Then it was three years service int he U. S. Army as a communications intercept specialist. After my Army service, I had a short time job as a hotel night auditor at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. Leaving Pittsburgh, I returned to Downingtown and got a job as a accounts payable clerk at Lipsett Steel Products in Coatesville, PA. After about three years I got my "dream job" in a major city bank - Girard Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For 37 years I worked at five different banks before returning to the hospitality industry. In 2001 I began working as a night auditor at the Hampton Inn in Exton, Pennsylvania. Eventually I worked my way "up" to front desk clerk and sales associate. I now work at a boutique hotel in Lewes, Delaware. Up until last week I only worked two nights a week and filled in where necessary due to absences and schedule changes. Recently I was asked if I could fill in for the front desk clerk who was about to go on pregnancy leave. I agreed and here I am, back to working full time at 66 years old. Perhaps the main difference this time is I love where I work, who I work with, and the kind of work I do (I love meeting people and providing service for them.) And, this is very important, the commute is excellent! Now I have to get ready for work.

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