Monday, August 04, 2008

Часть 2 Sasha

When we last visited Sasha, the new room attendant from Russia, she had just begun working at the bed and breakfast where I work the front desk. She was shy, unsmiling, and very serious as she kept her head down as she concentrated on doing her job of cleaning her assigned rooms. I work part-time at the Inn during the evening shift so I haven't seen her for awhile. Last Saturday night I saw her again. Now Sasha is a smiling and confident girl/woman. A remarkable transformation has occurred from the last time I saw her. She now walks with her head up and a quiet Mona Lisa smile. This past Saturday night we needed a room attendant to come in for the turn down service. None of the regular housekeeping staff volunteered. Some joked that the Mike (the manager) may have to come in and do it himself. Late Friday afternoon Sasha stopped by the Inn en route to her other job as a sales clerk at a local gift shop. I had an eureka moment. I suggested to Mike that he ask Sasha to come in and do the turn down service. He asked her and she readily agreed, saying she could come in after her work shift was completed at the gift shop where she was working. Thus, at 8:20 PM, Sasha confidently walked through the door of the Inn with her backpack secure on her back. She changed into her uniform, got her cart (to pick up the dirty towels and exchange them for clean, white fluffy towels) and a supply of packets of chocolate chip cookies shaped like walnuts to place on the pillows of the turned down beds. Two hours later, Sasha pulled her last cart full of dirty towels into the laundry room and left a now empty box of those chocolate chip cookies/walnuts. She changed out of her uniform and with a Russian accented merry "Have a good night Ron!", she went out into the darkness of the night. A happy ending to what was earlier a problem. Mike's night was saved (he had to baby sit his new baby because his Russian born wife was working at her waitress job at a nearby restaurant) and I didn't have to run around like a crazy man trying to man the front desk and perform turn down service on all the rooms (full house Saturday night) at the Inn. Thank you Sasha and may you have many happy days ahead!

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