Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Summer Day

Yesterday was a typical lazy, hazy, crazy summer day here in my little oasis on the coastal plain of Sussex County, Delaware. Peaceful, relaxing. I am enjoying these few days off from work at the hotel before I begin working full time at the end of the month. I will temporarily replace the full time front desk agent who is going on maternity leave for six weeks. It's been awhile since I've worked five days in a row so this should be an interesting experience. It will be a much needed learning experience for me, working consecutive days. I will undoubtedly encounter all kinds of circumstances (working the front desk at a hotel isn't as easy as it looks folks) that will sharpen my skills as the front desk person. Even though I've worked off and on for the past five years at three different hotels (the Hampton Inn, the Marriott Residence Inn), there is always something new to learn in the hospitality business. New challenges. Never underestimate the complexity and vagaries of the guest (as we in the hospitality business call the "customers".) Someday I will write a book about my experiences in the hospitality industry. Many of my experiences have been stranger than fiction. The old saw "you just can't make this up" really does apply to this job. I guess that's why I love the job so much. I never know who is going to walk through that door or what new question they are going to ask me. When I think I've encountered every situation that is possible and answered every conceivable question, the next guest will ask me a new question. They will provide me with a new hoop to jump through. But, for now, those stories will have to remain with me because I hear several guests now read this blog. However, one thing I will say on this blog is that I love my job and I always look forward to seeing returning guests as well as meeting new guests. I not only have a lovely home here in Delaware and wonderful friends, I have the best job for me at this time in my life. I am indeed blessed.



From previous pix and videos, I can see how thick and tall your flowers have grown.

All those well-groomed lawns, but missing the trees that an older community would often offer - that's the trouble with new construction, they often do nothing in the way of land-scaping (or keeping the existing trees).

You've found a neighborhood that clearly lives a certain life-style that isn't always able to be afforded by many in this country.

I'm guessing you must be getting busy - ready for your mom's visit, and then working through September and part of October - busy guy indeed.

Pretty soon I'll be to the traveling 'thing', and not on the computer.

Looking forward to a change of scenery and pace.

Hope you tried the recipes I gave you - got a nice roast in the oven now and the house smells wonderful.

Time to get things ready for a busy week-end.

Enjoyed your photos on Flickr (sent you an e-mail on this).

It appears you never did get my card that I sent in the mail to you at least a month ago. Oh well, so much for that - had planned on dropping you a post card while I was gone since I won't be posting or doing e-mails.

I put a couple of Jamal's videos that I liked on my 'blah blah' blog - like adding the videos now that I removed the music from that blog (won't be taking music off from any others).

One blog that is 'quiet' and has videos that I select, is nice; got the idea from you. Regards, Diane

Ron said...

We lived in the middle of the woods in Pennsylvania. I specifically wanted a property out in the open. Bill misses the woods terribly. That's probably them main thing he doesn't like about living where we live now. I like the saying for today:
"Whatever else may be going on, always remember that you have been blessed with life and the ability to live it as you choose. Think of how completely awesome that is."
I do, every day.

Ron said...

No, I never got your card from last month. There were some virus warnings about opening cards. I think I deleted any cards that were waiting for me. The warning said the cards would come from someone I knew. I decided not to take any chances.

Ron said...

No, I haven't tried your recipes yet. I don't use the oven in the summer. My diet is pretty strict during these hot summer months. Potato salad, hummus with feta cheese rolled up on a white flour wrap. Maybe some grilled chicken for protein. Corn on the cob for the vegetable. Ceral in the morning with strawberries. When I'm at work like now, it's Nature Valley peanut butter crackers. That's my diet. Not a whole lot of adventure. I do that when I eat out. Well, sort of. The restaurants aren't too good down here in Slower Lower Delawre. The ones that are half way decent are way too expensive for my budget. I've eaten at a few of them and I wasn't all that impressed anyway so I'm not missing much. I loved Cape Cod. So many great restaurants. I've never been to New Orleans but Wayne (The Cajun) tells me the food is out of this world. Sadly, we don't have that here in the part of Delaware where I live.

Ron said...

I haven't changed my photos often enough on Flickr. I thought I would do a "Ron" analogy (my life history in photos of different stages of my life) since I'ma the end of it now. I guess we all want to leave our mark. Until I publish my family genealogy book, my photo history will have to do. I subscribe to Wayne's theory about blogs. He says his blog is for him and he doesn't care who reads it. That's the way I feel about my blog. When I see that slide show it gives me comfort knowing that I have lived an interesting and fortunate life. I have no regrets. I've done most of the things I've aspired to. I still have a few more items on my bucket list but I won't be too upset if I don't complete them before I check out. Where I am now is exactly where I wanted to be at this stage of my life. I've had to take a few detours but I got here all the same. I am thankful.

Ron said...

Mom's not coming to visit me. She visiting my brother in Greenville, South Carolina. We're hoping she decides to move there permanently. She will be taken good care of. Now to get my other brother to agree to the move.


The recipes I gave you are for salsa - no cooking required.

The card I sent was to your home, not on the I-net.

Sorry to hear you're not going to have your mom come to visit, it would probably make her happy....

I'm with Bill - love the trees, and wouldn't be able to live in such an 'open' space (just me of course).

Have a good week-end.