Monday, September 01, 2008

Day Off

Ah relaxation. Today was my first day off from work after a five day stretch. That's the good thing about having a job. One does appreciate the days off so much more. When I first moved down here to Delaware after a horrendous experience in selling my previous house, I took about three months off. I did nothing. However, after a time I realized I needed a job. Not only to help with my new mortgage payment (as a result of selling my previous house for a lot less than I had planned), I needed a job to structure my life around. However, the trick was to establish a balance between work and leisure. Working two nights a week and every other weekend, I have established that balance. Recently I was asked to temporarily work full time for the day time front desk clerk who is on maternity leave. I agreed without hesitation. I was anxious to see how I could handle working full time again. It wasn't bad. However, it wouldn't want to be doing it for the next 40 years like when I began my adult working career. But, at the end of my five day stretch I didn't want to "play" anymore. While I love my job; giving restaurant reviews, answering the phone, giving directions to everything from the way to the beach to the best manicurist, taking reservations, and telling the curious guest which side of the Cannon Ball Building the cannon is lodged (I really did get this question last week and when I answered "I don't know", I was informed by the guest "You should know") I was ready for a day off. Today the weather was just about a perfect day for my day off. A friend asked me to join him for dinner at a local gay restaurant. I was reluctant because of several previous bad experiences. In the past friends and I had enjoyed their $5.95 Burger Night. Their hamburgers were delicious as well as their French fries. However, we soon discovered that their once delicious hamburgers had degenerated into grease burgers. My last visit in December was to take a friend to celebrate his birthday. Disaster was averted at that time when the waiter replaced my almost inedible eggplant entree with a generic chicken dish, which was at least edible. I thought I would give them another try during this visit. Alas, they are still serving grease burgers. The French fries were even terrible. Undercooked and tasteless. However, all was not lost. Prior to being seated in the almost empty dining room (always a bad sign, especially at the height of the summer tourist season), I had an Appletini at the bar. It was the best Appletini I've ever had, bar non (no pun intended.) An almost perfect ending to an almost perfect day. One more day off then back to the races.

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