Monday, June 29, 2020

Self Isolating At Our Home In Delaware June 2020

Good morning folks! I'm still here, self isolating in Delaware.  

Bill and I are doing fine. No virus detected here....yet.  I still take Bill out for his daily ride but he stays in our car while I go into the store or garden center for my regular outings to stimulate the economy.

I'm back on my regular work schedule at the hotel, Mondays and Thursdays, second shift. Hotel occupancy is picking up but nowhere near that it was last year during this peak summer tourist season.  I wear a mask at work and am behind plexiglass. Not comfortable with the mask (hard to breath) but wearing a mask is necessary.  Also necessary is wiping down all surfaces when I begin my shift, but I've been doing that for years now anyway, probably why I've avoided getting a bad cold or flu the past several years.  

I've already missed my spring trip to Philadelphia with Pat and visiting our friend Don. Normally at the end of summer I visit Pat at his home in Hamilton, Ontario. I've already cancelled that flight.  Hopefully we can meet up in Philadelphia in November, right after my birthday and when Trump is defeated.  Oh how I remember that awful birthday I had four years ago when Trump was elected to the presidency with Russia's help. Ain't going to happen this time folks. Going to be interesting how they remove Trump from the White House when his fat ass is beaten in November, because you know he's going to claim the election was "rigged" and will not leave on his own accord.  Interesting times folks. 


VRC-Do You! said...

Glad you and Bill are doing well...I was about to call Social Services and ask them to do a health and welfare check...Yea this COVID-19 is going to be hanging around for a while...I accept that BUT it should not be as bad as it is if we hit the mark from the jump...These folks making a POLITICAL statement regarding face coverings and physical distancing...I Hope Pat is doing well...Be well...

Nan said...

Glad to read your posts again. My birthday is in early November and the only gift I want is DT's defeat. I'm younger than you- 73- and still working also. I work from home now so I don't have to get out. In fact, I have one of those goofy telemedicine appointments today- my second one since March. Really all I want is my BP script! Yes, my town passed a resolution mandating masks for parts of the county and you'd think we were asked to cut off a finger. Stay safe.

Ron said...

VRC-Do You!
We're doing as well as can be. The virus isn't the problem, it's Bill's declining mental facilities. Each day is a challenge. Thank goodness he's gentle and sweet and tries his best, unlike my Mother during her decline where she became very difficult for my brother and sister-in-law where she lived. At the end of each day I am pretty well worn out. Bill used to mow the grass, he can't do that any more. I do just about all of the house chores now. It's wearing in addition to my twice a week job wearing a mask, and I have trouble breathing anyway. At the end of the day I get some relaxation walking around our one acre of land and soaking up nature. I also enjoy playing on line Scrabble with Pat. I end my days with reading in bed before I fall asleep and do it all over again the next day. Ground Hog Day, I usually await at 6:50 Am each day.

Ron said...

Another Scorpio! Welcome. Good to hear form you. I haven't had one of those telemedicine appointments.....yet. I'm like you, the ONLY birthday present I want it Trump's defeat. God, I can't wait until this country rids itself of that cancer that is destroying our country. Can you believe some places in this country do not mandate masks? We have a horrific failure of leadership in this country within unfortunately is resulting in many deaths that were total preventable.
Be well Nan.

Deedles said...

Glad to know you two are doing okay. You do have a lovely place to self-isolate in. I've been out twice (medical) since March. It's a good thing I'm an introvert and Balder Half is an extrovert with an essential job. Otherwise one of us would have seriously wounded the other! Take care.

Ron said...

Good to hear from you again! Sounds like you have a good situation in your home with Balder Half being an extrovert and you staying home. Continue to be safe because this virus is going to be around for sometime.

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College Town Guy said...

So good to hear your voice and see you giving a tour of your acre of land. I think you are doing pretty darn good. Love the river birches. I am having a grouping planted on the north end of my half acre to replace the trees the utility company decided needed to be removed. Seems the law has changed regarding the widths of rights of ways and the trees had to go. Seeing your river birches again has assured me that I made the correct choice. I live on a corner lot and had border gardens and plantings galore. When I started to have a few health challenges 10 years ago I hired out the maintenance of the landscaping thinking that when I regained my health and retired I would do it all myself once again. Here I am now soon to be 68 and struggling to live in my home on my own. I have had the soft landscaping removed and now just improving on the hard landscaping which will maintain a good curb appeal for resale value. It is also a lot cheaper to maintain. Again, it is good to see and hear from you! Cheers from College Town Guy aka Woody in Ohio