Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Broken Garage Door

Garage door repair

Last night while I was at work at the hotel, I get a phone call from our neighbor. He's calling for Bill to tell me our garage door won't open.  Why didn't Bill call me?  He can't figure out how to turn on his iPhone.  Yes, I've shown him many times but when he gets frustrated he has problems performing simple tasks like turning on his iPhone which admiringly he rarely uses.

The big problem was the garage door.  It wouldn't open. He wanted to tell me to go into our back door. Like most people these days we don't use our front door to go into our house.  Who does, by the way?  We go in through the garage.  I think almost everybody if not everybody in our fifty-seven house development here goes into their casa hacienda through their garage.  

Bill, who normally goes to bed at 7 o'clock at night (yes, you read that right) stayed up until 11:30 when I got home. He wanted to make sure I didn't fall down rounding the back of our house to the back deck in the dark.  Yes, falling down is a threat to me at this time of my life. Old man here.

Safely in our house, and after Bill went to bed, I pulled up Facebook's "Who Would You Refer In Sussex County?" app.  I put in the question "I need a referral to fix a garage door."  One name came up several times.  

I called that name this morning. He came over this afternoon and fixed our garage door and more. He found a bar that was missing a bolt which is why the garage door lately has been emitting a loud "snap!" when we open it. He also installed a new keypad.  Our old one was mucked up so much by bad weather it was hard to enter our secret code. All this repair and service for $155.  Wow, service with a reasonable price.  Sometimes so rare these days  that when it happens I want to jump up and down and shout "Yes!!!"  Of course I left a very favorable comment on his Facebook page.  

Now what's next?


Practical Parsimony said...

I always entered the house by the front door, but it was into a long hall, not a living room. Tommy comes in the front door because he has a ramp and neither of us can get up the door in the carport. That was very reasonable price. Don't fall. We are too old for that. I say this and I fall all the time.

Ivy Green said...

Ron, I love your writings. I've moved your blog up from an item on my reading list to a bookmark when I open my iPad, so I can get to you quicker.

Ron said...

Ivy Green,
Thank you very much for your very generous compliment. Have a great day!

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
Please be careful about falling. Just yesterday I was talking to my long time friend Larry, who has ALS. His biggest fear and mine is falling. I don't want a repeat of when I fell three years ago and tore my left leg quadricep muscle. Ramps are good!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in about 10 different homes and thinking back we would always use the garage door or with a detached garage the back door (except for my first home that had a carport).

My mom has trouble with cell phones...i think she uses a jitterbug phone? I believe they are phones made for older folks. she seems to work it better than her prior phones.

Anonymous said...

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Ur-spo said...

our garage door is on the fritz as well.

Ron said...

What a pain huh? Thankfully we got our garage door fixed at a reasonable price by a person who knew what he was doing. I found him through a Facebook referral app. It worked!