Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Thoughts At Summer's End 2018

Hamilton Dancing Guy dancing the summer away

Today marks the unofficial end of another summer season. 

Hallelujah, I made it through another summer. 

As regular readers of this blog know, I live near the summer resort towns of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Delaware. 

Every year, after Memorial Day until Labor Day, we are inundated with traffic from the north and west and south, seeking the cool ocean breezes of both the Lewes beaches and Rehoboth Beach. We have visitors from Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and an occasional New Yorker finds there way down here.  Here at the hotel we received guest from across the country and the world. Don't ask me why, we just do.  I would like to think they're coming to see me and my sparkling personality but then I would probably be deluding myself. 

Each year our roads become more clogged with our summer visitors, especially the major artery right outside the development where I live six miles up the road, Coastal Highway or Route One.

Like many of my neighbors we don't go down to Rehoboth Beach during the summer, we give that experience over to the touristas. 

I'm "working" at the hotel now, as I have been the past two nights.  This year I worked the Labor Day weekend for my co-worker, who took a much needed holiday from guest services.  We do love our job in the hospitality industry (my 20th year this year) but we DO need a break. There are just so many times you can answer the question "Where is the ice machine?" (around the corner, the louvered door between the two bathroom doors) and "Do you have a pool?" (no, thank God).  

The past three years I used the Labor Day weekend to visit my Canadian Travel Buddy (Pat) and annoy him for a week.  This year I was co-opted of my normal plans so I had to delay my visit until week after next. Which is just fine because last year when I visited Pat in Hamilton, Ontario, it was so hot I had to rent a hotel room.  Hopefully this year pre autumn breezes will be wafting in the air around my grizzled presence.  But then with global warming, I may have sweat it out again.  Hopefully Pat's air conditioning will be fixed this time so I don't have to contribute to the corporate profits of the Sheraton Hotel. Nice hotel but I would rather spend my valuable American dollars at the many fine Canadian restaurants that Pat and I discover on our daily seeking new adventures excursions. Pat and I never have a definite plan of what to do when we get together but we always have a fabulous time whatever we d and wherever we go.  Wait a minute? Isn't that the lyrics of a song? Sometimes it seems as if my whole life are lyrics to a song. 

I only have one doctor's appointment coming up before I take flight from Philadelphia International Airport o the 26th of this month. And that is with my dermatologist to remove this annoying and painful horn skin ailment from my left knee.  Also I have few other discolorations on my skin I should have her take a look at.  Could be age spots but then could be something else. At my age I have to constantly monitor this aging body to make sure I can extend my stay here on this earthly plane long enough to see Trump frog marched out of the White House in handcuffs.  You know he ain't going to go willingly.  Oh please God, let me live long enough to see that justice prevail.


Anonymous said...

Woodward's book is coming out next week.Real news.

Travel said...

On the last couple of sentences, and his kids right along with him.

Ron said...

I ordered it yesterday from Amazon. I'll have that book September 11th.

Ron said...

Yes! Them too. They all belong in prison because they've been breaking the law all their adult lives.