Sunday, September 02, 2018

Exciting and Informative Q & A's

Time for a fun list! This one I stole from one of my favorite bloggers, Jon of Lone Wolf Concerto

1. Five fears.

Very easy, not necessarily in order:

Violent Death/Slow Death -I prefer to slip away like I do when I'm put under anesthesia for an operation. Now that's the way to go.

2. Three things I love.

(Yes, same as my friend Jon)

3. Four Turns On

Sexy, in shape, older man no taller than 5'8" or weight of 150 lbs who dances with abandon and style
The sexy guy letting me have my way
Old time movie star biographies
Kindness of strangers

4. Four Turns off.

Screaming children
Incessantly barking dogs
Arrogant, condescending people
Sea food (any kind)

5. My best friend.

Pat, my Canadian travel buddy. Best friend I've ever had. I've had several BFF;s in my life but Pat is the total package. Arrived late in my life but proves the adage "Save the best for last." 
6. My favorite book.

As a voracious reader, I have far too many favorite books to mention. It's an impossibility.  (Yes, same as my friend Jon)

7. My best first date.

Pat, a perfect match. Clicked immediately. 

8. How tall am I ?

6'3" (used to be 6'4", I'm shrinking)  

9. What do I miss?

My dogs (Pomeranians) Horace, T and Babydoll

10. What time were I born?

9:30 am on a Sunday morning in November, one month before Pearl Harbor

11. Favorite color.

Blue is first. Yellow is second. Orange third. Red fourth.

12. Do I have a crush?


13. Favorite Quote.

"Getting old is not for sissies" - Bette Davis

14. Favorite place.

I love my home.

15. Favorite food.

Hummus and corn chips

16. Do I use sarcasm?

When don't I use sarcasm? I live, breath and eat sarcasm. Probably shouldn't but that's me. No denying it.

17. What am I listening to right now?

"The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC) - I listen to the whole MSNBC lineup every weekday - yes I am a liberal/Democrat/progressive (used to be a Republican)

18. First thing I notice in new person?

Facial expression - I can tell immediately if a person is kind by their facial expression - their eyes (windows to their soul) - Look at Trump's lizard eyes, you see nothing there but evil and cunning - proves my point

19. Eye color.


20. Hair color.

Dark brown, with gray on the sides now. Luckily, my family doesn't get the snow white hair - thank goodness!



Jon said...

Hey, Ron - I'm glad you got a chance to tackle these questions, and I liked your answers. I always have fun doing doing Q & A's (and I always get these questions from a blog called "Sunday Stealing").

You're taller than me, at 6' 4".
I'm 6'1" - but a little taller when I'm wearing cowboy boots.

Ron said...

Hey Jon,
I also like these "question" blog entries. I should do more of them. They're fun.

Joel Reisteter said...

Ron, you're not too much different than me, other than a few things, such as #20 my hair was brown until it receded and the remainder is now mostly gray. #19 My eyes are brown, my right eye is turned inward. #18 I like to smile. Your mention of this Trump thing gave me a slight upset stomach. #17 Died-in-the-Wool MODERATE Democrat, but knowing just a little bit about you, Chester Co. in PA and a career in the banking industry (I think) you were a Republican, perhaps a moderate gay Log-Cabin Republican? #16 BULLS-EYE! #15 Too many.

Ron said...

I was a registered Republican for many years. My first vote was for Barry Goldwater. I voted for Nixon, twice. I actually believed Nixon's lies until the tapes came out. I became radicalized when the Bush administration tried to take away my veterans' health benefits, benefits that I was promised IF I NEEDED THEM when I joined the Army in 1960 and put my life at risk for this country. The Republicans lie. They are deceitful and only operate in the interests of their big money donors and the Good Old Boy club. I was never a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. I still believe in fiscal responsibility but the Republicans no longer believe in fiscal responsibility, witness their passing of the trillion dollar tax cuts for their corporate masters.

Joel Reisteter said...

One big fear I will always have is the fear of being gay-bashed again.