Friday, July 14, 2017

Medical Appointments Last Minute Changes, Incredible!

Bill is scheduled for an endoscopy. Originally the date was next Wednesday, July 19th at 8:00 am.

Last week I got a call changing the date to Monday, July 17th 8:30 am. 

These were messages left for me on my voicemail. 

I was to receive a call telling me of the exact time to be at the surgery center. I didn't get that call. I called this morning and there was confusion as to if I'm to be there on Wednesday or Monday.

I got a call later this morning stating the time WAS  Monday at 8:30 am. 

So when I took my daily afternoon nap, I turned off my iPhone, secure in the knowledge that this was a settled time. And oh by the way, I'm scheduled to work at the hotel next Monday on the 17th at 3 pm. So the 8:30 am time works for me.

But not so fast Fredo.

Fredo Corleone

I wake up from my nap today at 4:57 am and see I have a message to "call immediately doctor's office for an important message."

I call but of course I'm too late because their office is closed. I leave a message with their answering service and also with the doctor, who is very nice by the way.

Then while I'm outside in this brutal, oppressive, heat and humidity collecting Japanese beetles I get a call on my iPhone. Now the time has changed to 9:45 am.  Uh, okay. I can still manage that.  

Then I get a call from the doctor. He doesn't know about the time changes. Now I feel guilty for bothering him with something that is clearly a function of his staff. He probably thought Bill was having a swallowing problem. Well, one good thing, I now know I can get hold of the doctor.  That's good to know.  As I said earlier in this post, I like this doctor. 

Now get this.  I get ANOHTER call from the scheduling staff.  They want to change Bill's procedure to 2:30 pm.  Man oh man.  Can you say "Keystone Kops"? 

Not only are all these changes very disruptive and chaotic, Bill has an anxiety problem. Bill doesn't like change.  This is another responsibility I have as Bill's caregiver. I have to keep things as calm as possible. Good thing I'm here to take the flak. Bill would just cancel the appointments altogether. In fact that's what he wanted to do.  But I don't want to see Bill sprawled out on the floor in a pool of blood like I did last November 29th when his ulcer's ruptured and he had to be taken to the emergency room at the local hospital.

Now just to add icing to the cake I have an appointment next Tuesday with my cardiologist.  And Bill has an appointment next Thursday with his eye doctor as the final follow-up for his cataract surgery.  

I tell you folks, it's a challenge being old and keeping it together.  I'm just glad I'm here so I can take care of these things for Bill. If I wasn't here I don't know how these things would be handled. Bill can't keep these things straight. And to be very frank, I'm starting to have a hard time keeping everything straight and organized myself. 

If I ever reach Bill's age (88, which I seriously doubt) I wonder who will watch out for me. Yes, I wonder. Well, I can't worry about that now.

Now if this heat and humidity will just break. I feel like having a big piece of chocolate fudge cake.


nitewrit said...


Good grief, these time changes are ridiculous. In fact, it does remind me of Lucy pulling the football back just as Charlie Brown goes to kick it. Can you imagine how the doctor would react if you kept changing your appointment time with him.


Mike, Studio City said...

And here on the west coast, ditto. We old people have all the fun, SCREAM

Jon said...

Good grief, all those changes in the schedule would give anyone an anxiety attack! I sure hope they know what they're doing. Hang in there, Ron, and take care. And my very best to Bill.

Raybeard said...

Sounds like this is tactic just to keep you on your toes - which it does (as if you needed it!) as well as keeping you at your wits' end with nerves frazzled. Can they not just GET A GRIP?!!!

Ron said...

This is all so frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being punked.

Ron said...

Thanks Jon. I fully expect to show up for the appointment Monday and have them tell me "What are you doing here?"

Ron said...

So frustrating. This is the first time in my life that I've had a doctor's appointment changed THREE times in one day.

Ron said...

I'm nervous about this whole thing. If they can't schedule the appointments without making all these changes how can I not lose confidence?

Unknown said...

And here on the west coast, ditto. We old people have all the fun,