Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Results of Bill's Latest Doctor's Visit

Good news, Bill doesn't have an infection in his legs. 

That was the good news. Also good news was that we were able to get into the VA system after having called yesterday.  In the past, our wait would have been a good two to four weeks, if that.
Now we have instructions to call a Nurse number. I explained Bill's situation to the nurse yesterday and she put us on what is called a "Rapid Response Team."  It worked.

We had an appointment at 8:00 am this morning at the VA Outpatient clinic. They couldn't take us. Too busy.  They asked if we could stay until 9:30 am, in case that person didn't show up.  We stayed another hour and a half. The patient showed up who had the 9:30 am appointment. 

They asked us if we could come back at 1:00 pm.  Well, we could. Bill had to get his leg looked after. 

We drove the twelve miles back home. 

We returned at 12:30 am. We always show up early for our appointments.

The doctor saw us at 1:15 pm.  She looked at Bill's legs and determined that he had chronic swelling of his legs.  Her advice was to keep his legs raised as much as possible. I asked why his legs were so red and swollen. She said probably the after effects of the IV Bill received during his endoscopy last week. She gave us a prescription to help remove the water accumulated in Bill's legs.

She took a look at the gash in Bill's right leg. She and the nurse cleaned the wound and applied a gauze bandage. 

Thank goodness we got this resolved. We were both concerned that Bill had a serious infection.  

Another day in the life folks.


Raybeard said...

You must be wishing you could take a holiday from all these 'concerns'. However, if it were possible for you to take a holiday, 'concerns' would come with you, that's for sure.

WARPed said...


I hope Bill's wound heals quickly.

And I'm glad things are better at the VA (I might need them someday!)



Ron said...

A bit of respite this week from doctor's visits but I have one next week with my dermatologist and the following week I have to take an ultra sound for my cardiologist. Never ends.

Ron said...

Bill's leg is healing quite nicely, thank goodness! And things are better at the VA. A much needed improvement after years of neglect.