Monday, March 27, 2017

Bill Approved For Cataract Surgery!

Bill getting his eyes checked this morning

Finally!  After two cancelled dates, Bill has been approved for cataract surgery on April 5th.  

Bill lost his driver's license last June because he failed his eye test.  He has cataracts.  He couldn't get his license renewed unless he had his cataracts removed.

We then began the torturous route into arranged an eye exam for cataract surgery.

First we had to get enrolled in the Veterans' Choice program.  That was major torturous.

Then we had to go through the routine of getting authorization from a cardiologist.  Yet again we had to get another authorization from the Veterans' Choice program.

Then there was a mixup about not having a thorough visit with the cardiologist.  We had to arrange yet another visit.

Then Bill had his medial emergency.  His gastric ulcers hemorrhaged. Yet another delay.  

Because there were so many delays in his cataract surgery appointments we had to go through the whole routine again with his eye doctor.

We just returned this morning from his eye doctor.  

Bill's downstairs now, uncomfortable with his eyes dilated. 

But we're on tract for his cataract surgery April 5th.  

Four month's late but better late than never folks.

Now to get his driver's license back so she can drive me to my next emergency room visit.


Anonymous said...

Great. Seeing better should make Bill's life better. It did my father.Also,playing music that people liked
when they were younger for a period everyday helped keep my father sharper during the day. Works for me,too.

Jack said...

Just a simple observation. Both yours and Bills trips to the ER have fulfilled your quota for awhile. When Bill has his cataracts removed a whole new world of sight will be opened to him. One gets so used to seeing with the cataracts (or not seeing in some cases) that the results can be astounding. I had my cataracts removed when I was young for that type of problem, 50 for the first eye and about 10 years later for the second. The procedure is easy, quick and recovery is smooth. Best of luck to Bill and BOTH of you stay away from the emergency rooms.

Anonymous said...

I bet Bill will be SO glad he had the surgery once it is over (the eye drop regimen can get tiresome, but just remember that it's only for a little while), for reasons that Jack pointed out above. If he's like my grandparents, he'll be astounded at the new clarity of vision. I do believe they still needed reading glasses, or maybe eventually did, but they just used the OTC kind (I bet you can get some at BJ's). Best of luck to him and you (Bill for the surgery, you because you don't need any more medical problems)! ~~ NB

WARPed said...

Hi Ron,

Great news for the both of you!



Ron said...

Our life will change significantly for the better once Bill has his cataract surgery and gets his driver's license back again.

Ron said...

Will be so glad when Bill gets his cataracts removed. We've had so many delays. Bill was getting depressed. We need some good news.

Ron said...

Tell me about it. Both of us, especially me, has more than fulfilled our ER visits. I would like to go about ten years free of any more ER visits. I've resigned myself to a life of doctors' visits though. My next one is with my urologist on the 11th. Everybody I know who has had cataract surgery has extolled its benefits and how that surgery has made their life so much better. I'll have my own cataract surgery coming up in a few years.

Ron said...

I've heard nothing but good news about cataract surgery. This will make Bill's life so much better.