Wednesday, December 23, 2015

No Sandals or Flip Flops, Tiaras Allowed

Our "Price is Right!" tickets

Yesterday I requested and got my two tickets to attend a live "The Price is Right!" TV show taping for January 12th, 2016.

As regular followers of this blog know my Canadian buddy Pat and I will be making our annual visit to Los Angeles from January 11th through the 20th.

Last year, during our visit to The Grove, our California friend Nadege pointed out to us the TV studio nearby (we saw it from our parking garage) where TV shows were taped, including "The Price is Right!"  

Where I'm going to be (I hope!) next month

I haven't watched "The Price is Right!" for years but I always liked the show.  I've only attended one of these TV taped shows before.  That was "To Tell the Truth" which was taped in New York City.  I attended that show with Bill and my Mom back in the 80's sometime.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I am very much looking forward to attending "The Price is Right!" not so much for the chance of winning any prizes (which is highly unlikely because first I have to be chosen then win - lots of hurdles there folks) but I do so enjoy these different experiences.  

I was reading over the small print in the e-mail that sent my tickets and I read this which is interesting:


Socially Awesome Week!

We ask that you please wear your social media usernames on your shirts or that you decorate your shirts with hashtag tag lines.

Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @TVFansrock and tell us about your experience at the show!

Please be aware that the taping will take approximately 5 hours from the time printed on this ticket.

If your ticket says 'Priority Ticket' your admission is guaranteed. If your ticket says 'Line Voucher' admission is first-come, first-served. Having said that, as long as you arrive 60 minutes early with a line voucher you should be admitted. TICKETS ARE NOT FOR SALE. If you have purchased this ticket, please contact us at 818-295-2700.

We will notify you via email of any last-minute time changes. If you are traveling from out of town or if you DO NOT have an email address, please call us the day before the taping to confirm your ticket information. Again, this is ONLY necessary if you do not have email access OR are traveling from out of state. If you need to cancel this ticket it is NOT necessary to contact us. If you would like to reschedule for a new date, please simply visit our website at



Dress Code: No costumes are allowed. For safety reasons, ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN-TOED SHOES, NO HIGH HEELS, NO PLATFORMS, AND NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE STUDIO. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY IF YOU WEAR THEM. PLEASE WEAR CLOSE-TOED FLATS. We suggest you wear tennis shoes. There is to be no national advertising or logo displayed on any garments or hats. We suggest that you bring a jacket or sweater as the Studio is kept cool. Because everyone will be on camera at some point throughout the entire taping, it is important to adhere to these guidelines. Please be aware that the producer has the right to deny entrance to anyone dressed inappropriately in the Shows sole discretion. Jeans are fine. Please do not dress in white colored clothing. Props are allowed if they are worn, such as a tiara, but do not bring items that are separate from your wardrobe.

Folks, as you know Pat ALWAYS wears sandals.  Hmmm, looks like I'm going to have to talk to Pat to bring along a pair of shoes with him.  But the good news is that I can bring my tiara. 

Pat with Patrick walking in his sandals on a rainy Philadelphia street
My tiara is prettier than Sean's


slugmama said...

Well if you are going to wear your tiara we will all be able to pick you out of the crowd. lolz

Ron said...

Come with us Denise! I'll let you wear my tiara.

Jon said...

This is very interesting and I have no doubt it will be a memorable experience. Who knows - you might win something. Perhaps you can persuade Pat to wear cowboy boots....

I'm wondering why there's such a big issue with shoes - and the color white (if white is indeed a color).
It's reassuring, however, that you can wear your tiara.

Travel said...

Looking forward to pictures of you in the tiara!

Ron said...

I think the concern over which kind of footwear is a liability issue, as it usually is with businesses. Some of the games on "The Price is Right!" require running and I guess they don't want to take a chance of someone falling off their platform shoes while running to beat the clock. The "white" clothing thing I guess has to do with they wants lots of color on the set. White is too bland and washed out looking. But all is not lost, I can wear my tiara!

Ron said...

I bet you are!

Ur-spo said...

I was not aware Pat always wore open shoes. I guess I never looked down to see.

pat888 said...

Wow Ron - I'm going to have to wear shoes. Well I actually own 2 pairs which i use for extra work. Too much bother to bring them down in my compact napsack - i'll just buy some cheap tennis shoes for the occasion - which should be a blast. And, Jon, I'm afraid I wouldn't do cowboy boots justice. Maybe for a photo.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Pat has FABULOUS feet! You should see them sans socks. I'm not a foot fetish kind of guy but you should really see his naked feet. I can see why he doesn't want to smoother them with leather (no pun intended, whatever that means).

Ron said...

I have to say you look odd in shoes. I've only seen you in your "open toes". Of course you were born "open toed" so I can see why you would prefer not to encase your feet in leather. They can't breath.

Ur-spo said...

How on earth does he survive the cold and slush of Toronto winters I wonder?

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
He has boots. Can you see him in boots? I never have. Can't picture it.