Friday, December 11, 2015

Baggy Pants

Two Cool Dudes in Philly last week

Well, one thing that I discovered during my trip to Philly is that I don't look good in baggy pants.

Check out the photo above.  Two cool guys in a cool city, right?  But wait!  Who is the guy in those dreadful, baggy, tan cargo pants?  Looks like Pat is paling around with a homeless guy.

Folks, the baggy, tan cargo pants will never make an appearance again in any of our adventures.  Oh sure, I'll wear them around the house. After all, they are SOOO comfortable but I do have to watch that I don't fall into that Old Man Trap of wearing sloppy, baggy clothes just because they are comfortable.  After all, I do have an image to maintain.

Thus, a month from today I will be boarding an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia for our annual trek to Los Angeles, California.  West Hollywood to be specific.  And you KNOW who fashion conscious they are out there.  

I've ordered a pair of black cargo pants.  I like to wear cargo pants for the pockets that I can close thus minimizing the chance of my cell phone falling out.  Also, I like to put my wallet in those deep cargo pants pockets thus thwarting any would be pick pockets.  One thing that I won't be wearing though is those skinny legged jeans.  I don't know about you but I just don't think they look good . . . on anybody.  I go just so far to be in style.


Travel said...

You have the long legs and small waist for skinny jeans,

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - I'm obviously no fashion beast either. Socks and sandals for goodness sakes - is part of my style. Oh - and another great banner shot!


Jon said...

I have two pairs of cargo pants and I like them for the reasons you mentioned - - comfort and deep pockets. It just takes awhile to get used to the bagginess after wearing jeans. Your photo in cargos doesn't look bad at all.
And I HATE skinny legged jeans. Nobody looks good in them.

Ron said...

I have the long legs (36 inches) but alas, the waist has grown from 32 to 34. NOT attractive in skinny legged jeans.

Ron said...

You are VERY stylish. You're one of those people who can pull of a Fashion Statement with effortless ease. I hate you.

Ron said...

I am addicted to cargo pants. I will wear them around the house but probably not when we go on one of our city adventures. But no skinny legged jeans for me. I have yet to see anyone who looks good (sorry Tony) in them. Just as I have never seen anyone who looks good in spandex.

Ur-spo said...

Just not with cha-cha heels please.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Now that is a picture that I have embedded in my mind forever. Thank you?