Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Can you spot me I'm the slim (skinny) guy with my hand on my chest.  Long time ago.

Today's photo for "Throwback Thursday" was one of me never seen before on this blog.  Oh yes, I still have many photos of myself not seen, believe it or not.

This photo was taken at Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland in July of 1962.  I was 20 years old.  It was taken at the post swimming pool with my Army buddies Ron, Sal, Dick, and Doug.  

Believe it or not this was the first time I ever used a swimming pool.  I had yet to swim in the ocean or even see the ocean.  That wouldn't happen for two more years when Bill took me to Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Of course I had swam before but when I was growing up, we swam in the local swimming hole.  Perhaps I'll post that photo in the future.  

Check out my cool crew cut.  Loved it!


Nadege said...

No muffin top on you young man! I did recognize you right away!

pat888 said...

Ron - true - crew cuts, buzz cuts, brush cuts - all great. Man, do you ever have good retention for names of way back when.

See you at the airport!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool pic! You do rock a crew cut.

I was a water rat. Summer camps, so pools, anywhere I could find to swim. Same all through my life. Ocean, pools, rivers, lakes.

Peace <3

Ron said...

Sooo many years ago. I haven't changed at all! Sure.


Ron said...

Dick Whittington, Doug Evans, Ron Hampton but I can't remember the other guy's name because he wasn't part of our usual crew. My friend Sal De Rosa took the photo. I have more. See you tomorrow at the airport!

Ron said...

Never went to camp although I wanted to in the worst way. Where we lived in Downingtown, my brothers and I used to hide in the hill overlooking the camp that the city of Philadelphia used to send the poor inner city kids to camp. They had a pool! We didn't. Even then I knew something was wrong with that picture.

Raybeard said...

Is that a "Who, me?" pose? after someone asked you if you were gay? (Though if they had, 'gay' would NOT have been the word used then!)

WARPed said...


I used to hang around Ft Meade quite a bit, playing basketball and tennis (they had several lighted courts.)

They had a real nice, new field house with an indoor pool, built around '75. The Baltimore/Washington Bullets used to practice at the old field could walk right up and talk to them! My buddy played All-Star Mike Riordan 1-on-1, and my little bro played Kevin Porter (also All-Star) 1-on1, which I didn't know until years later...

One time I got poked in the eye/lacerated eyelid, and went to Kimbrough Hospital ER to get cleaned up.

You ever hang out at Kelly Pool? (aka Burba Lake)

See, you're not the only one with memories of Ft Meade!



Larry Meredith said...


Who's the guy second from left in the glasses. Is that the young Henry Kissenger?


Ron said...

Actually I was with a gay friend (he's sitting on the ground) and the guy who took the picture was also a gay friend of mine. Both gone now.
Back then "gay" certainly wasn't The Word. It was the "F" word. Of course no one knew we were gay.

Ron said...

Small world! I have many fond memories of Ft, Meade,

Ron said...

His name was Dick Whittington. He was like a Henry Kissinger.