Monday, March 04, 2013

Puzzles, Games and Trivia

Last week at the cancer center while I was registering for my treatment, Bill spied a puzzle in the waiting area.  

We both love puzzles.  We haven't put one together for years.  I like the challenge of puzzles. Funny thing though, I hate riddles.  You know the question on all those high school IQ tests that said "If a train with four cars and a caboose is traveling to Chicago 465 miles away at 45 MPH and the smoke is blowing out its chimney how many ketchup bottles are in the dining car?" I hated those questions and always skipped past them.  They made my head hurt.  Whenever anybody says to me "Want to hear a riddle?"  I say "Actually, no I don't." 

My brother Isaac loves Sudoko.  He also likes to do crossword puzzle.  I hate crossword puzzle and never understood Sudoko. I think it's some kind of crossword puzzle but I can't be bothered.  

Board games.  Growing up I played a LOT of Monopoly. LOVED IT!  Also played checkers.  No, didn't like chess.  Hurt my brain with all that thinking.  I like my games simple.  Chess requires way too much thinking.  

My absolute favorite useless pastime?  Trivia.  When I lived in Pennsylvania I used to attend a Trivia Night at the Brickside Grille with friends.  I LOVED those weekly get together.  Not only did we have a great meal at a reasonable price (something that is rare here in Lower Slower), I loved the camaraderie of getting together and testing my knowledge of useless information.  Guess what?  We always did well and guess who was the star?  You guessed correctly, that would be me!

With friends Trivia Night at the Brickside Grill, Eagleview, PA

I hear there is trivia night down here in Lower Slower.  I haven't attended any.  I don't like to drive at night and besides, I haven't really been able to break into any of these cliques down here.  I made a good faith effort for a couple of years but didn't have much success.  The few friends I had made excuses for not going and I got tired of begging.  To be quite frank with all of you, I get more enjoyment out of writing my blog and my friends online.  And I don't have to drive at night.

Me and my friend Don 

Speaking of friends, tomorrow I'm making the trip to Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Flower Show.  This is the one time of the year I visit my longtime friend (and former co-worker) Don McK.  I use the Philadelphia Flower Show for my ride which is the Adult Plus bus out of Georgetown or what I call "The Old People's Bus".  If it's not too cold tomorrow I'll take a walk to our former residence on Naudain Street.  I do love this trip once a year to revisit old memories.  Also, four of my former classmates will be at the flower show.  It will be nice to see them too, share some memories and laughs. 
Me and friends at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011
 So there you go folks, I'm officially an Old Folk.  Putting together puzzles and taking the Senior Citizen Express to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  It's all good folks!

Me working on our puzzle - taxing my brain


anne marie in philly said...

it's supposed to be cold here tomorrow; wear your woolies!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed puzzles as a boy. Mom and I would put them together, together. Now I LOVE crosswords, card games (traditional and otherwise, wait til you see what I bring to Spo), backgammon, lots of others. I always like Monopoly and can claim to own one of the earliest editions of the Alan Turing Edition, straight from Bletchley Park!
Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

I have a subscription to GAMES magazine - I highly recommend it.

Jon said...

I wish all blogs were as interesting as yours. Are interesting people passe??
Here are a few of my disjointed thoughts:

Much like you, I hate driving at night. And to think that long ago I used to do it constantly in Los Angeles....
I haven't put a puzzle together in a long time. Perhaps it's because my entire life has lately been one big puzzle. It's enough of a challenge.
I hate riddles but love trivia.
I used to play a lot of board games and Monopoly was my favorite.

I've never been to a flower show. Go figure.

anne marie in philly said...

you are in luck: I love trivia AND I am bringing my monopoly/scrabble/chess games to the "meet and greet hotel suite" at spo-fest. the monopoly is philadelphia-based; each square represents something about our city.

I get asked all kinds of trivia questions at work; the common sentence goes: "let's ask anne marie, I bet she'll know".

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I bet you would have been fabulous at our weekly Wednesday night trivia sessions at the Brickside Grill. What was interesting on our team, each person had a field of expertise and as a team we were great. I'm good on the people trivia (and movies and TV) while someone else was good on the math trivia of other areas that I had no knowledge. I think why I lived Trivia Night and our team effort was because it was like a puzzle, each person fit to make a complete picture.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Actually, yesterday in Philly wasn't bad at all. A clear blue sunny sky, perfect for me taking my pictures. A little brisk sure, but otherwise perfect (except for the ride up). I had time to meet my friend Don and later at the flower show to meet my other friends. Plus I had about an hour and a half just to wander around to old haunts. I had a great day again, except for the ride up and back, which was in one of those small buses where I felt very constricted. I'm still stiff from that very uncomfortable ride.


Ron said...


My Mom used to love to put together puzzles too. I always think of her when I'm working on a puzzle, wondering what she would do.

I'm not familiar with that early edition of Monopoly. You'll have to tell me about it when we meet.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I'll have to check it out. Thanks!


Ron said...


I feel the same way about your blog. I wish I could find others that are as interesting (and honest) as yours. So far, not much luck but I keep looking. I've found a few but one would think I would find many more, what with all millions of blogs. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

Bill drove me back last night in the dark after picking me up from the bus that returned from my Philly trip. Neither one of us likes driving at night.

I'm the same as you, I hate riddles (useless) but do love trivia. I can't figure that out.

I would love to play monopoly with you someday!