Thursday, March 21, 2013

How To Stay Young

This morning while I was out shopping (in a snowstorm yet) for the final touches to the Bloggerpalooza, Bill said to me "What?  Are you in your second childhood?"  A valid question since I entered my eight decade of existence on this earth.  Born in 1941, a month before Pearl Harbor, I am now of the older generation.  But you know what folks?  I don't feel that way. Oh sure, when I get up on the morning I ache all over.  "Arthur Ritis" is a permanent guest in my house.  

Hi, my name is "Ron" and I'm an Oldie Goldie

My body may be aging, I may be more forgetful these days with more and more of my brain cells dying off but I have never lost the zest for life.  

Smiling, even in the dentist's chair!

I still love music, from the Fifties through the Sixties to the Seventies (perhaps my favorite decade) and even the Eighties.  Hey, there is even music today (Adele) that I love.  And I love glitter.  Oh boy do I ever LOVE glitter.

I've never lost my sense of humor or my fondness for teasing.  Thank God I haven't turned into one of those curmudgeons like so many men of my age.  Have you seen some of those guys?  They look like constipated bullfrogs.  

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So there I was this morning at Michael's, buying tiaras for the Bloggerpalooza (I heard there were some queens attending) and Bill says "You must be in your second childhood."  No folks, I never grew out of my original childhood.  And I hope I never do.

Some lucky person at the Bloggerpalooza will get this hat at a drawing at the Bloggerpalooza


anne marie in philly said...

caption for the toad: "dick cheney feasts on another democRAT". I swear to bob that bullfrog looks just like dick cheney!

see you soon!

Bob said...

You gotta have joy in life.
That keeps you feeling young.
You gotta laugh!

Ron said...

Yes ideedy!