Monday, February 25, 2013

Ron's Oscar Observations

Maybe next time Bradley, you cutie

First of all, I was so disappointed that my favorite actor Bradley Cooper didn't win Best Actor.  Oh well, Bradley will be around for a long time.  I was very pleased that his date to the Oscars was his Mom.
Seth MacFarland - not funny and won't be back
What was my opinion of the Oscar host Seth MacFarland? I wasn't impressed folks.  I never saw him before and I've never seen "Family Guy" or "Ted" and for sure I won't see those now.  He's just not funny.  Color me a fuddy duddy old man.  MacFarland really lost me with his Abraham Lincoln assassination "joke."  Yeah, real funny Seth.  Captain Kirk was right, you'll go down in history as one of the worst Oscar hosts ever.  

Here are some of my biased and unfair Oscar show observations:

Renee - forget the makeup?

Channing Tatum (hottie) and Charlize Theron - great dancers!
Paul Rudd and another dud performance - who is this guy?
Shirley Bassey knocking it out of the park!
  • Renee Zellweger - what was with the washed out look?
  • Who was that midget woman on the pre show red carpet show?  Squeaky voice and annoying.
  • Channing Tatum, hottie.  Loved the short hair.  Refreshing look on a Hollywood actor for a change.
  • Paul Rudd - what was he on?  Why is he at all the awards shows?  Who is he?
  • Two Edgar Winter look-a-likes won awards.  What is with the woman hair on these behind the scene guys?
Somebody crawled out from under his rock to accept his Oscar 
  • Man, there are some real fugly behind the scene guys and gals.
Fugly ugly behind the scenes Oscar winner - check out the "do"
  • I LOVED the playoff music - JAWS!
  • Still a lot of thanks to the kids from the winners but thank goodness only a few "Harvey Weinstein" thanks. 
  • Shirley Bassey, at 76 years old, knocked it out of the park with her non-lip synched version of "Goldfinger."  
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones lip synched her "Chicago" number.  Just saying.
  • I love Adele but I couldn't hear her.  Whoever thought the overproduction of the orchestra and chorus was a good idea should be banned from future Oscar productions.
  • I was all right with the Less Miserables singing until I saw Russell Crowe.  Russell sings?
  • Barbra Streisand - was it me or did she see nervous?  Miss Perfection, not so much last night
  • Daniel Day-Lewis - good actor but I never got his appeal, he's too intense for me.  Meryl Streep is also a good actor (actress) but does it with ease. DDL always seems like he's trying too hard.  Distracting.
What happened Kirsten?  Poor baby.

Ben, we hardly knew ye
This is not Kirsten Stewart but some jackass who wanted to be different, he was
  • Kirsten Stewart - my God, who beat her up?  I think she's attractive in a funky sort of way but poor Kirsten.  What happened to you honey?
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - who knew he could dance?
  • What was Ben Afleck on?
  • Jamie Fox - what was with the sequined black bow tie?
  • That whole "thing" at the beginning of the show with William Shatner as Captain Kirk - too long, boring and unfunny.  Love Bill Shatner though.  
The Oscar winners 2013 - congratulations to all - job well done!
  • Seth MacFarland and the "Saw Your Boobs" song - not funny and actually embarrassing.  How about a host that plays it straight for a change?  Just saying.
  • Jennifer Lawrence - fell on the steps to accept her Oscar - how embarrassing. Reminds me of the time I tripped coming from the bathroom at the Purple Parrot.  I missed that step-down and did the "Ron Twist" to avoid falling on my face.  However, I did lose face. 
Jennifer Lawrence trips on her train - private parts lite up

So there you go folks, my unscientific and unfair review of the Oscars.  
Burt and Deborah back in the good old days when movies were magic


Jon said...

The best part about the Oscars is that - after four long hours - everybody's drugs start wearing off and they act incredibly weird.

I enjoyed all of your apt observations. You're going to hate me for this, but I thought Seth MacFarlane was great. He's not only cute but also talented. He's already getting loads of negative reviews, mainly because he said some things that ruffled the feathers of the Hollywood Left.

Streisand looked like she'd been embalmed. I have no clue what the guy in the kilt was trying to prove.
And that bizarre video appearance by Michelle Obama wass entirely inappropriate.

All of the musical numbers were fantastic. I enjoyed the show more than I initially thought I would.

Jon said...

Ron, I don't mean to be annoying by commenting again, but I just re-read your post and I'm howling with laughter at your comment about the annoying midget woman with the squeaky voice on pre show red carpet.
I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!

Anonymous said...


I knew I could depend on you for some entertaining lunchtime reading. :-)

I was busy pulling myself out of a major-league funk this weekend. Watching awards shows for self-important, overpaid people was not on my radar. (Yeah, I said it out loud.)

If I had known that actual talented people like Shirley Bassey and Adele were performing, I might have made an exception. (All apologies to Ms. Streisand. I'm just not really a fan.)

I've always thought that Charlize Theron is an elegant lady, and good actress. I like that picture of her you put up.

Seth McFarlane was an odd choice to host the show. The producers must have been trying to go for edginess. He can be funny, but he exhibits a characteristic of a lot of performers these days. He's funny, but he also has a crassness and mean-spirit that spoils it for me.

I'm with you, I wish they'd just play it straight and not try to be too clever for their own good.

You'll be in our thoughts and prayers this Wednesday when you go to the treatment center.

Bob said...

I've loved DDL since he played the gay punk in My beautiful Laundrette and am happy any time he wins. i thinks he's brilliant.

Best singer and song? JHUd and And I'm Telling You. Purr-fection.
Seth MacFarlane? At least we'll never see him at Oscar again.

David Jeffreys said...

"Jennifer Lawrence trips on her train - private parts lite up"


Cubby said...

I'm really happy Ben Affleck is doing so well as a director, because as an actor he has to be one of the worst of the modern era.

Ron said...

I'm agreeing with you on this one Cubby.


Ron said...

That's why she was hanging her head in shame David. OMG!

Ron said...


There was so much to mock and make fun of but MacFarland makes fun of a presidential assassination? Call me an old fogey but I don't see the humor. You're right, we'll never see him hosting the Oscars again.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me about Seth McFarlane and his hosting! As soon as that William Shatner thing came on, my boredom overcame my curiosity, and I went to bed early. Got a really good night's sleep!

(Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't like Mr. McFarlane, his support of gay rights is pretty outspoken and he's in a position to be heard, but I just didn't care much for this particular venue for his talent.)

Peace <3

anne marie in philly said...

spouse watched, I didn't.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Every year the Oscars are a train wreck. Painful at times to watch but I wouldn't miss it. Just too trashy to miss.


Ron said...

We agree 100% Jay! I can see where Seth MacFarland is talented (sang and danced well) but I don't think the Oscars is the venue for his particular brand of humor. I didn't laugh once. Maybe it was because he comes across as a smart ass. I do commend his support of gay rights though.

That whole thing with William Shatner just dragged on too long. Too edgy for his (MacFarland's) own good.


Ron said...


Kristen Chenowith is her name. So is she? Why? So annoying. And why someone so short to interview the celebs on the red carpet? Who make these selections anyway? So many questions to which I will receive no answers.


Randy in NEB. said...

Ron, Only caught scant ammounts of the Oscars. I always liked Ms. Bassey since the Goldfinger film. Adele was great also, That young lady was a little cutie, Q. Willis and her poodle purse, most adorable. But poor Jennifer, most embarassing! I was wondering what you thought of (Marky)Mark Wahlberg? Could he get that suit cut any tighter? Now for Bradley Cooper, the first time I saw him. He was posing in a bathtub sideways, those long hairy legs hanging over the edge. Have you seen the photo? Haaawt! With a beard he looks a little like a younger Ron Tipton. Randy.

Ron said...


Glad you enjoyed my little snarky comments on the Oscars. I always get a kick out of these self-important people congratulating themselves like they discovered the cure for cancer.

I didn't like Seth MacFarland at all. You're right, he has a mean edge to his "humor" which I don't find funny. Don't get me wrong, I like Don Rickles' humor because I know he doesn't really mean it. I think Seth does. He's just a smart ass.

Sorry to hear that you were in a funk for the past few days. Same here, my impending treatment which begins with an orientation this Wednesday. Not looking forward to it but will be glad when it is over.

I used to be a fan of Barbra but that wore off years ago. She seemed nervous last night.

All in all I enjoyed the show, excess and all.


Ron said...


I forgot to mention Mark Wahlberg. He used to be cute but now he's just hard looking. Kristen Chenoweth
was the young lady on the carpet. First time I saw her. Unfortunately I found her very annoying (that chirpy voice) and much too short to be interviewing all those celebrities who towered over her.

Yes, I've seen that adorable picture of Bradley Cooper in the bathtub. My God, what an adorable hunk he is. And you know what? Now that you mention it I do see some resemblance to a younger me, if I can be so bold to say so. Thanks for the compliment!


Ron said...


The Oscars are like a train wreck, a mess but you can't help looking. I can see where Seth MacFarland is talented (good dancer and singer) but I don't find him cute nor funny. He's a bit too crass for me. Especially with the Lincoln assassination "joke." Not funny. Ironically he had a lot of opportunity for mockery with all those self-congratulating phonies, why make an assassination joke?

You're funny. Babs did look like she was embalmed. Full of Botox probably. If she smiled her face would probably have cracked. And the guy with the kilt and the THREE sound editors (?) with the long blonde/white hair? Always somebody who has to be "different". At least no one was wearing a phony scarf.

Michelle Obama's appearance was out of place. What does she have to do with movies? Weren't there any actors available to make the Best Picture presentation. That was a Harvey Weinstein idea. Harvey and his daughter.

The musical numbers were great! I thoroughly enjoyed them. Who knew Daniel Radcliffe, Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Channing Tatum could dance? Would love to see them do a Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers type of movie.