Friday, February 08, 2013


Me getting my hair cut by Nino 3-31-1994 - Philadelphia, PA

Yesterday I got a haircut.  I needed one bad, especially since my last haircut was lopsided.

I was in luck yesterday because my regular barber, Dino,  was out.  I can write about him in this blog because I know he doesn't read blogs.  

For most of my adult life I've had Italian barbers.  
My longest relationship was with Nino (yes, similar name to "Dino.")  Nino cut my hair the whole time I worked at Mellon Bank and then Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia; twenty-nine years.  He knew how to cut my hair.  I never had to tell him. When I left my job in Philadelphia I left my long-time friend and barber Nino.

Thus began my long quest for another old time Italian barber (Nino had immigrated to the U.S. from Sicily during World War II).  

The years since I left Philadelphia (1994) in search of a good, dependable barber to cut this head of mine has sometimes been good and sometimes not.  The worst time were when a woman barber cut my hair.  Awful, just awful.  Thus I've stayed away from women barbers.

Me getting my hair cut by Joe Ursini - 2001 - Downingtown, PA

Fast forward to my move to Delaware in 2006.  Through my neighbor I found my current barber, Dino.  He's good but lately he's been slipping. For some reason he cuts my hair lopsided.  He leaves it too long on one side thus I have to play around with it when I comb it.  

I don't like to mess too much with my hair, or what I have left of it.  I prefer it short these days.  In my flaming youth I had more hair than I knew what to do with.  Nino was always thinning out my hair.  That's not a problem now, my hair is naturally thinning out much to my chagrin.  

A couple of months ago Dino was out for a hip replacement.  I had no choice but to use the woman barber in the shop (whose names escapes me now).  Guess what?  She cut my hair perfect!

The next time I went into the barber shop Dino was back.  So I had my "Seinfeld Moment."  How could I not offend Dino by going to the woman barber who cuts my hair PERFECT?  Alas, I chickened out and went to Dino who promptly cut my hair lopsided......again.  

Thus I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday when I went into the barber shop and there she was.  Dino was out!  Hey folks, check out my haircut.  PERFECT!

Now, how do I break the news to Dino the next time I see him?  I'm open for suggestions.  Help.

Me two minutes ago with my PERFECT haircut -  February 8, 2013


Amanda said...

That is a tuff one Ron but I am sure someone will come up with a smart line to tell Dino. Yes, your haircut looks really good. Bye-bye Dino for sure!

Ron said...

Thank you Nadege. This compliment coming from you means a lot to me because your job is making people look good. Appreciate it!


anne marie in philly said...

I have lucy; she is a gem. I always ask for her.

I don't care who else is cutting hair in the shop; I call ahead and find out if lucy is working that day, if not I wait until she is on the schedule.

now just get your woman barber's name and life will be sweet!

Anonymous said...

I get my hair cut when I have to (too long, hard to manage) because I'm a cheapskate.

So I go to Great Clips, never the same person, sometimes it's OK, other times less so. I thought I'd found a real barber, but he's a flake who closes his shop, walks a couple of blocks home, and expects you to call him on his mobile, then wait while he ambles back! Yeesh! I mean, the one time he cut my hair it was perfect, but the hassle isn't worth it.

And your cut makes you look quite handsome!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

When I met you in person a couple of years ago I noticed how nice your hair was. I thought "She must have somebody good cutting her hair because it looks good!" Keep Lucy, she's doing a great job!


Ron said...


I don't like to mess with my hair. I like it to be the same when I wake up, put my hat on, take it off. If my hair is cut correctly, it stands up straight in a buzz cut, that's the way I like it. Dino has a tendency to leave parts of it longer than other parts and I find I'm always messing with it so I don't have "bed hair."

Thanks for the compliment. All accepted here. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there handsome! Does he let you see the finished results in the mirror before you get out of the chair? If so, maybe you could discreetly ask him to fix it, without embarrassing him. Good luck!

Ur-spo said...

how spiffy!
I like to see you smile, too.

Ron said...

Thank you Dr. Spo!


Ron said...


He used to show me the finished results in the mirror but after I corrected him a few times, he doesn't do that now. I think it embarrasses him in front of the waiting customers when I ask him to correct my haircut. I'm nice about it but I am pretty sure his feelings are hurt. I think he cuts my hair lopsided because of his hip replacement. That probably doesn't make sense but think about it, it's always the side of my head that is the furtherest from him that he fails to cut enough hair. One time I had to go back to have him correct my haircut, it was that lopsided. I think the next time I go I'm just going to ask for the lady and let the cards fall where they may. I'll joke about it like "I'm going to give her a chance." Wish me luck!


Paul said...

You look elegant and distinguished, Ron! I suppose you can just confine your haircuts to lunch hours.

Ron said...

Thank you Paul for your generous compliment. This old man appreciates all positive comments!


Anonymous said...

I learned about 25 -30 years thst when most people have to have their hair thinned , they have African ancestry! They thin in out knowingly and likely "unknowingly", nowadays to hide that ancestry! So, yr. 6th grandfather came from Jamaica, huh man?! Duh.

Anonymous said...

Jamaican Ancestry - thick hair, man? You think?!!!