Monday, July 11, 2011

Oyster Rocks Retention Pond

As regular followers of this blog now, yesterday I had a reunion with an old school classmate of mine.  I traveled to northern Delaware (not a long haul in this small state) to my other friend Larry's house in Claymont, Delaware.  I had never visited his house before and I wanted to see where his blog originated form.  We talk often on FaceTime and I can see his room but it's always interesting to see the place in person.  Plus I wanted to meet his cats.  He has a house full of them.

I was reluctant to drive to my friend's house because of the heavily congested area but I figured Sunday would be the best time and it was.  I didn't have too much trouble finding his house.  After a short visit he took me to one of his walking trails.  Northern Delaware has many beautiful walking trails, way more than I am used to either here in southern Delaware (the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk is my main walking trail) or Pennsylvania where I used to live before I moved to Delaware in 2006.

Afterwards he drove me to Broomall, Pennsylvania and we met our friend Stuart.  Stuart's daughter Leslie arranged the meeting.  Larry and Stuart haven't seen each other for over forty years.  I last saw Stuart at our 40th class reunion which was in 1999.  However, over the years we have all talked not the phone many times.  It was a good meeting.  Lots of video and pictures were taken.  I will post those pictures in a future blog.  But for now I want to post this short video of the retention pond in the development behind where I live now.  It is called the Oyster Rocks development.  It is where I go almost every evening for my daily walk.  This is my therapy.  Other than my blog, I don't need any other therapy to clear my mind and make me one with my environment.  I don't need to pay anyone to listen to me (not that there is anything wrong with that).  For me, to pay someone to listen to me wouldn't work for me.  I'm happy that it works for others but for me?  Doesn't work.  However, I have received some valuable advice from one of my blogger friends (Dr. Spo) which I appreciate very much.  So maybe there is some value for that kind of therapy but I never went that route.  My "route" from my earliest memory has always been a long walk.

This evening as I was taking my walk I stopped by the retention pond just to soak up the sounds of this summer evening.  Before I could get my iPhone out of my pocket to take a video, a huge crane whooshed from the reeds from where it was hiding and took off into the summer evening sky.  Then two strange birds in the reeds to my right flew out in my direction, squawking at me.  By the time I got the video on my iPhone going there were only the red winged blackbirds having a late day snack and getting things sorted out before the sun set for the day.  So here is the video.  Enjoy.


Nadege said...

It is beautiful and so peaceful!

Ur-spo said...

lovely spot, this.

Ron said...


This is one of my favorite spots what I do my early evening walk. Always so much activity at this retention pond. I love hearing all the critters living their life back there at this man made pond.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

This spot soothes my spirit.