Monday, July 06, 2009

No Pictures!

One more day of work at the hotel and I can go back to my regular schedule, working Monday nights and off the rest of the week. Today will mark the sixth day in a row of work at the hotel. I love my job but I am just about wiped out. I am looking forward to some time off to recuperate.

Hold on! I just heard the door bell ring. It's my friend Jay of "Ed and Jay" fame who have requested that I do not publish their picture on my blog. I have granted their request. Frankly, I don't understand what their problem is with their picture on my blog because I don't post their full names. The only thing I can assume is that they do not want to be associated with me publicly because I identify myself as gay on my blog. Whatever, I will comply with their request. It's not the first time I had this request. Another longtime friend from high school does not want any pictures of us taken together while dining. The last time I visited him we were having lunch at the Chicago Bar and Grille in Lionville, PA. As is my usual routine I asked the waitress to take a picture of us. My friend said "No pictures!" Okay. Not a big deal. I only have the pictures taken because I like to collect pictures of my dining out experiences with friends and co-workers. I've been doing this for years, over fifty years to be precise.

My friend, lover and life partner Bill doesn't like to have his picture taken either. Most of the pictures I take of him he has his hand in front of his face. I think the reason Bill doesn't like his picture taken is that he isn't comfortable with his 80 year old face. Hey, I'm getting older too. At 67 years (and counting) I no longer have that boyish look either. The way I look at the situation is "it is what it is." What am I hiding from? Myself? The world? But that's just my take on having my picture taken. I'm one for recording history. Since I'm a big genealogy aficionado, I'm assuming someone in the future will find these thousands of pictures that I have accumulated over the past 50 plus years of interest. That's my view.

I have another friend who recently ended a long term relationship. His decision was to toss out all the pictures of his former relationship. That's something I don't understand but that is his choice. He obviously considered that his pictures were for him only and since he was no longer in that relationship then he had no more use for those pictures. Sort of like erasing history of those who have fallen in disfavor much as the Russians did when rewriting their history books when Stalin or some other former dictator fell out of favor. It is called rewriting history. But then, that's the choices that some people make. More power to them. For me, I put it all out there; the good, bad and ugly. God, if I got rid of all the pictures of people and places that are no longer part of my life, then I would have very little left of a history of my life.

Recently a friend and reader of this blog has been sending me pictures of where he lives and older black and white pictures of his childhood. I find those pictures fascinating, especially the older black and white pictures. While he didn't have the ideal childhood, he obviously treasures his early photos because they do bring back memories of part of his life that he found some enjoyment despite the not so good times.

That's the way I look at taking pictures, it is a pictorial chronicle of my ongoing life. While I will respect the wishes of those friends of mine who do not want their pictures taken with me, I'm also disappointed in their selfishness and self-involvement. Where do I get these friends? Are they a bunch of closeted, self-hating gays who are in the closet and don't want to be exposed? Are they a bunch of old men who don't want the world to see how old they are now? I have to admit I don't get it but I'm glad I don't feel that way. Take a look at the picture on this blog. It was taken about a week ago outside my garage and I had finished some heavy duty yard work. I've looked better but hey, it is what it is.


G said...

You look great. I love having photos taken of me even as I near the big 60. I hope you find some friends who like having their photo taken. We enjoy seeing you with nice people. M & G

nitewrit said...


Is that what you were doing? I thought you were engineer on a train between whistlestops.


Ron said...

HA! I have to wear that bandana on my neck or else I'll have skin cancer for sure. I have yet to go to the beach down here or lie in the sun and yet I have the best tan of my life. Go figure that one out. Must be that wonderful Delaware seashore sun.

Ron said...

I like you Mike! I wish you and Glenn lived here in Delaware. thanks for making an old geezer feel good. :)