Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Purple Martins and Baby Catbird

This is my joy, my backyard. It has taken me two years to get it to this point where it is my oasis. I've created a backyard habitat for the birds, bees and other insects. The only thing I'm missing is a water feature like a small pond with a waterfall. I had three ponds at my home in Pennsylvania and I miss them very much. I will eventually put a pond in when I can figure out how I want to place it where I can hear the water and it is most beneficial to the local wildlife.

My backyard wildlife sanctuary here in Delaware is quite different from the one I had in Pennsylvania. Here my yard is out in the open. I started from a clean slate. In Pennsylvania, I had to make a clearing in the woods. I had to deal with stones and roots and the biggest problem, the deer. I have none of those problems here on my acre of land in Delaware.

Since I'm out in the open I have a different bird population too. Here I have Purple Martins, which require an open space. I also have bluebirds and swallows. None of these species of birds visited me in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania I had the woodland birds such as the Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, Finches, and Cardinals. I also had the occasional woodpecker. I have none of those bird species here on my property in Delaware. However, I do have robins and my favorite, the catbird. Grackles and other species visit, but the robins and catbirds have made their nests in my backyard.

In this video you will see a young catbird. For the past few days it has been following me around as I refill my birdbaths. It is very tame. Maybe it thinks I am its mother.

As much as I like cats, it's good I don't have one now. A cat would make quick work of a friendly baby catbird.

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