Monday, July 01, 2019

Air Conditioner Fixed!

Our HVAC system is fixed! And just in time because of the heat and humidity that has been laying heavy on our peninsula. 

The serviceman was here Friday for over four hours installed the new valve on our HVAC system.  I had to leave him with Bill while I went to work.  Bill doesn't like to be left alone with service people roaming through our house.  But we got it done.  When I came home from work Friday evening, our house was so nice and cool.  

Now what's next?  Oh yes, installing the new wall to wall carpet in our media room. I finally ended up ordering carpet from Home Depot. They said the new carpet should be in about two weeks. I already have the padding (memory foam) installed (by Lowe's months ago).  Home Depot said they would only install the carpet with their own padding. I can't see the sense in removing the brand new padding I have in now. They said they would take it out.  Oh no, that's not going to happen. Showdown will happen when they install the carpet. I may end up paying for two paddings. 

Always something but this is only a First World problem. This past week I received news that two more of my classmates died and also the wife of another classmate who always attended our class reunions with her husband. Puts things in perspective. 

Stay cool folks. We're cool here!


Joel Reisteter said...

Cool and without the humidity equals comfort. Stay comfortable, guys!

Media room problems? Couldn't you get carpeting from Lowe's?
Or try double padding then carpeting. Actually, that does not work well. I've tried it - it's not fun.
Sorry, I think the Lowe's gotta go. But can you get your money back? You've lost the install fee and you won't get the full price of the Lowe's padding back. Such a waste.

Ron said...

Replacing that carpet in our media room has been a nightmare. Hopefully it will end soon with positive results.

Ur-spo said...

Our AC is chugging along nonstop until September