Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Colonoscopy Prep

Colonoscopy prep solution

Today I begin my colonoscopy prep.  Oh joy.

I think this is my fifth colonoscopy. My doctor said this will probably be my last colonoscopy because of my age.  Yes, I am THAT old.  

I've been dreading this day.  The colonoscopy procedure itself is nothing. I'm knocked out by a very effective anesthesia, it's the prep the day before.  

In addition to not eating all day I have to drink the awful prep solution.  This time I was told the solution tastes like cranberry juice.  Yeah, I'm sure it does.  Just like the last time I was told the prep solution would taste like lime flavored juice.  To me it tasted like lime flavored toiled bowl cleaner. Not that I would know what toilet bowl cleaner taste like but I have a vivid imagination. 

I have two bottles of this prep solution. I gulp down the first bottle (no sipping!) at two o'clock this afternoon. Followed by drinking eight ounces of water once an hour for the following five hours. God, I hate drinking all that water. I feel like I'm going to float away.

Tomorrow morning, the day of my procedure, I have to get up at 3:15 am to drink the second bottle of solution. Fun times. That's followed by three glasses of 8 ounces of water for three hours. 

I have to be at the Seaside Endoscopy Pavillon at 8:15 am tomorrow morning, all clean out. Clean as a whistle. Lean and mean and ready for my colonoscopy scan.  Thank God this is the last one.

By the way, the Seaside Endoscopy Pavillon is just up the road from the funeral home. Eventually that will probably be my last "stop" one of these days. A day I hope is far in the future. But one never knows. 

5:38 PM 5/14/2019

UGH!  I'm almost through the first phase of cleaning out my bowels.  I drank the "cranberry" flavored solution.  Guess what folks?  It is just as horrible as all the previous solutions I drank.  I'm literally gagging now.  

After drinking that solution I had to follow it with a glass of eight ounces of water every hour for five hours.  I have one more glass to go.  I hope I can make it.  And yes, it is "cleaning" me out.  God.

Early tomorrow at 3:15 AM I get up to take the second bottle of solution followed by three glasses of eight ounces of water.  At least I'm not taking five glasses.  

I hope I can make it folks.  I've heard others says "the prep isn't so bad."  Not here folks, it is AWFUL.  

After this last glass of water, I'm going to have my "dinner" of clear chicken broth.  Yum!


"Tommy" said...

Yep.... but the Doctors say its your last one..... hope all goes well for you

jayveesonata said...

This is a horrible procedure to have to go through, Ron, but after it's over you can rest and look forward to doing better things. Take care.

Ron said...

Thanks "Tommy"!

Ron said...

I absolutely hate this procedure. Hate it! I am so looking forward to getting this over with and getting back on with my life.

Joel Reisteter said...

Yes, Ron, the preparation is nasty. I'm going on my 3rd (lifetime) colonoscopy soon.
Hopefully, the doctor will find nothing wrong in your colon. Good Luck.

angie said...

Hope your procedure went well. I had 2 last year, one in June to only discover I had colorectal cancer. So after treatment was over I had to have another one in November. The positive was the cancer was gone. I fear I’ll have to have another within the next 6 months.