Monday, March 18, 2019

Memory Foam Mattress

Pat approving of the memory foam mattress at our Palm Springs rental

My whole life I've slept on uncomfortable mattresses.  From the time when I was growing up and I had to sleep with my two younger brothers in the same bed (which I hated, I eventually got my own bed, a fold up, when I was sixteen years old) until my latest mattress, which I got from the hotel where I work. 

Me at 12 years old ready to go to bed with my two brothers in one very uncomfortable bed

In my seventy-seven years I've slept on all types of mattress, even a water bed which made me sea sick. Maybe the worst were the thin mattresses I slept on during my three year Army enlistment. 

Me with Army bed at Ft. Meade, MD. 1962

I've gotten used to waking up with an aching back. I just assumed that was my lot in life.

Thus it was a very pleasant surprise to discover a different kind of mattress during our stay in Palm Springs. 

Our uncomfortable bed inWest Hollywood, sunk in the middle.  So uncomfortable I slept in the other bedroom

Both Pat and I immediately noticed how comfortable the mattress was at our VRBO rental unit in Palm Springs. We had to find out what kind of mattress that was.  We took off the sheets and turned over the mattress to discover the mattress we were sleeping on was a memory foam mattress.  I called the owner of the unit and asked her where she got the mattress.  She said  We did a it more research and found this:

Pat and I went in downtown Palm Springs and found a mattress store to see if they were selling any.  We found one that had a memory foam mattress, it was a Posturepedic mattress.  We tested it but at $2,999 it was a bit over my budget (you think)?  You all know the prices for mattresses vary greatly. Mattress pricing is right there with hearing aids and glasses, prices are high. You have to shop around.  Even though the salesman at the Palm Springs offered free delivery of his mattress, I passed. He wasn't happy. I'm immune these days to pushy salespeople. 

Shortly after I got home I received an e-mail with this offer from BJ's, a store where I regularly shop.

Memory foam mattress from BJ's
I saw this ad and decided "Why not?"  I ordered it.

The compressed mattress arrived in a box. Now to get rid of my old mattress.  I called Alfredo, the son of my Mexican landscaper to see if his parents wanted my old mattress. They did.  They came by and picked it up.  

I opened the box my memory foam mattress and let it expand.  I put it on my bed.  A few hours later I tested it.  Fabulous! 

My old mattress - goodbye!
My new memory foam mattress - hello!

Man oh man.  For the first time in my life I sleep in comfort and wake up without a back ache. Only problem, my afternoon naps now last hours and I mean hours.  First day I slept over three hours!  

I told Bill "This is the bed I die in."  No hospital bed for me, hooked up to IV units and in a fog from pain killers.  I plan to ease out of this life in sweet comfort and not twisting around in my bed trying to get a good position so my back doesn't ache. 

Now I know some of you are questioning "Why didn't you order the memory foam mattress from Amazon?"  Good question.  I goofed. Memory foam mattresses are probably like sugar.  Doesn't matter which brand you order. I goofed but it's all right, for once in my life I sleep in comfort.  I love it!

Where did memory foam mattress come from?  This from the Internet:

Memory foam, also known as temper foam, was developed under a NASA contract in the 1970s that set out to improve seat cushioning and crash protection from airline pilots and passengers. Memory foam has widespread commercial applications, in addition to the popular mattresses and pillows.

Now I understand that memory foam mattresses aren't for everyone.  I hear that for some they are too hot. But they work for me.  


Travel said...

Rest well. I have a memory foam topper on my bed, I love it, it drives J crazy, he sinks in and cn’t get out. To each their own.

Ron said...

My memory foam bed is the most comfortable I've ever slept in my life! I hear some don't find it so.

Pooja said...

Better than memory foam mattress is contour memory foam mattress it is more comfy and sofy feels to not to get out from bed.