Friday, November 03, 2017

Sexual Harassers - The Beginning of the End

Sexual harassment is a distasteful subject and I do apologize for bringing up this disgusting subject again in my blog. But I feel I must address this change in our culture.

There was a time when our culture permitted abuse of animals. The SPCA was founded after a person had enough of seeing a horse being beat to death on a New York street in the late 1800's because that horse was too old to pull any more carriages.

There was a time when our culture took it as a given child labor, when children as young as eight years old worked ten hour days in factories.

There was a time when our culture accepted the beating of children, even in schools, as a form of discipline.

There was a time when our culture thought it was allright to refer to a gay man as a "fag."  

There was a time when our culture thought it was acceptable to use the "N" word to describe a person of color.

One by one these formerly acceptable cultural norms and others that I haven't mentioned here ( (it would be a LONG list) were acceptable.  Now days, they aren't. 

Oh sure, some say "political correctness" has gone too far. Well, maybe. Sometimes the pendulum does swing too far.  But I have to tell you folks, I am glad I am living in a time when those terrible ways are no longer acceptable. 

The latest abhorrent activity that is no longer acceptable is that men in power have the freedom to sexually harass others beneath them in the pecking order of our culture. Even such a revered figure as former president George H. W. Bush is no longer permitted to grab women's asses after telling them his favorite dirty joke ("Know who my favorite magician is? David Cop-A--Feel") then grabs their ass. 

Without guilt I will tell you that I am experiencing a wonderful sense of schadenfreude see formerly pompous and arrogant men as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ben Afleck, James Toback, and yes our sainted former president George H. W. Bush brought down from their high perch of power and influence,  how the mighty have fallen.



Deedles said...

Hi, Ron.
Yes, political correctness sometimes goes so far that it trivializes the important stuff. I can't stand to watch Blazing Saddles on regular television because of this. By removing the "N" word from this film, it all but destroys the message. That being said, or written, sexual harassment should never, ever be trivialized.

I have now lost whatever other thoughts I had on the subject (that's happening way too frequently now) so I will shut up. Enjoy your weekend.

Ron said...

I just heard on the news that the New York City police department has enough evidence to arrest Harvey Weinstein on rape charges. I hope they do. That would send a powerful message that no matter how powerful, they too can be held accountable. They should be held accountable. For far too long the rich and powerful (and police) have gotten away with breaking the law.
Have a great weekend!

Harry Hamid said...

I am optimistic about what the recent scandals could mean. I mean, the incidents described regarding these guys are terrible, but it might be changing societal awareness and attitudes. Despite the reactionary turn in our politics last year, I really think the way we look at treatment of women, racial minorities, LGBT, etc., has changed over the last 15-20 years, and maybe this is another step.

I know my consciousness has changed. It seems like others' has, too.

Ron said...

It's all about power. Some of those with power think it is their right to abuse that power. This too will change but probably never totally end. At least our culture is going in the right direction.

Practical Parsimony said...

good post!

Raybeard said...

I wrote a long comment on this yesterday, Ron, but, as WILL happen sometimes, just as I was about to post it the damn thing disappears! You're well familiar with the maddening thing yourself, I know.

Anyway, just to cut it short(er), I'll say re the claims about Spacey, up to now I'd always liked him, not being one of those (nearly everybody else) who are now saying that they always found him a bit 'creepy'. I must own to a pang of quite intense disappointment at how this is playing out, though it can well be argued that K.S. only has himself to blame. If the accusations had been concerned with adult affairs or approaches it would still have been tough enough to have got his career back after a long break, but it would not have been impossible. Now what seems to put him beyond redemption is that at least one of the attempts - and there could well have been more, who knows? - was that he tried it on with someone who was still in law a 'child'. Thus from now on he'll ever be seen as a a paedo, and there's just no way to come back from that. His career is absolutely terminated now, killed off beyond resuscitation, with bankruptcy beckoning, possibly prison too - and it's all happened in barely two weeks. (I don't know if other commentators are saying what I just said. They surely are.) I'm expecting to hear that the Honorary Knightood bestowed on him recently by Prince Charles for his decade-long, much lauded work as Artistic Director of London's Old Vic Theatre will shortly be rescinded. What a mighty fall!
It's going to be hard to watch any of his films now - and there are quite a number of good ones. Just a few days ago on the radio someone was mentioning, though not in a Spacey context, the film 'Glengarry Glen Ross' (one of my own personal favourites of recent years). He mentioned all the several big-name stars - though it was so telling that he omitted to mention one of them, even though K.S. has a major part in it. When I next watch it I can see that I'll have to have the curtains drawn!
Still find it all ever so sad. Maybe I should be feeling guilty about even admitting it.

(Now let's see if I can post this without it disappearing into the ether again.)

Ur-spo said...

I don't think anything will come of any of this.
It used to be sexual violations and scandals used to do in politicians. Ever since the nation dismissed Trump's actions this sort of deal breaker no longer applies. It is just the outrage of the day. They will stay.

nitewrit said...


Rats, now overtime I check out your blog I have to see Harvey again.


WARPed said...

White/male privilege won't go down without a fight, unfortunately.



Ron said...

I reluctantly have to agree with you. The spotlight will be on the more outrageous (Weinstein) but unfortunately business will probably eventually go back to "business as usual."

Ron said...

I'll have to update my blog to remove that disgusting image of Harvey Weinstein.

Ron said...

You got that right!

Ron said...

Thanks Practical Parsmimonuy!