Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thoughts During a Heat Wave

Hi folks! Yes, I'm apologizing again for not posting more frequently. I'm trying, I really am. 

Today, with the continuing heat wave, I'm forced to stay inside lest I pass out from heat exhaustion. Yesterday I tried to do a little yard work but I was soon drenched in my own sweat and had to come inside our wonderfully air conditioned manse to recover.  Yesterday was a three shower day. Once when I got up. The second time after my abbreviated yard work.  Then before I went to work at the hotel last night. 

You know it's true what they say about senior citizens being in more danger during these heat waves. When I was a youngster (oh how LONG ago was that?), I didn't give the heat much thought.  We just went about our play during the lazy, hazy summer days. But these days, I only have to be outside a few minutes and I get woozy.  Well, I am seventy-five years old and no longer the carefree ten year old whose summers went by too fast.

The "thoughts" going through my aged mind these days is my impending Final Exit. I've been thinking a lot about friends, former co-workers and relatives who have passed on. Every now and then a pang of sadness hits me when I realize I can't call them and complain about my latest perceived slight. Thank goodness I have Pat and Bill who I can bend their ears with my petty complaints. However, Bill is very hard of hearing so I suspect he's just humoring me while I rattle on. 

Why these thoughts of my impending Final Exit is that these days I am unsteady on my feet as my longtime friend Larry pointed out to me recently after viewing a video of me refreshing my bird baths. Yes, I am unsteady on my feet. I worry constantly a lot about falling and breaking something. Although I don't see how I can do much worse than tearing my quadriceps muscles like I did a few years ago 

Another sign of my deterioration is how tired I get. I absolutely need an afternoon nap or else I wind down like an old clock. I have to ration my wake time to be productive.  

When I'm tired I have double vision. I brought this situation up with my eye doctor a few weeks ago and he affirmed that it was happening because my eye muscle was "tired."  Another sign of my aging body.

And then there is my arthritis. My whole body, especially my lower back, is so stiff when I wake up in the morning. You should see me hobbling my way to the bathroom. On second though, maybe you don't want to see that sad sight. 

And now for the past few days I've been getting shooting pains up the left side of my head. Like mini lightening bolts.  Is this a precursor of a stroke. God I hope not.  

I did a some Internet research last night during a slow period at the hotel and found that those pains were probably the result of stress and anxiety. That makes sense because the few weeks I have been under a lot of stress and anxiety.  Bill and I had a spat a few days ago over him turning off the automatic sprinkler system and forgetting to turn it back on thus drying out all my plants. 

And that's another thing, my short term memory. I'm forgetting more and more.  Is this the beginning of my dementia? Would I know if I can't remember? I've often wondered what goes through the heads of people with dementia? 

Well, I've gabbled on enough today. 

Please stay cool and hydrated during this heat wave. I don't want to lose any of you. I need you!


Bea said...

I had a doctor tell me recently that how physical I am now (at 47) will determine the quality of life I will have in my 60s and beyond. I sort of heard her say: use it or lose it!
I'm already starting to lose my balance a bit, but I do have fairly physical work (I wash windows) & I jog regularly. I guess that all should be a help.

I hope that the heat abates, so that you may go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Linda said...


It is so hot outside today. Everything you posted is true. The older you get you start thinking about people who have died and you wonder about your heath and every ache and pain. I hope you never stop blogging, you are such a unique person. As you said keep hydrated. Tomorrow is suppose to be cooler.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - we had a few hot days up here in Toronto lately. But it cooled off today and will be even cooler the next couple of days as well. But one thing about heat I've noticed for years - well, decades - is that it does tire you. I guess the body works harder to keep itself cool to the degree that it can be taxing on circulation etc. But I'm just guessing. I don't get double vision when tired - but again - for ages I've noticed that when tired my eyes weaken. In fact, despite bags under my eyes, they are at their best in the morning. Sometimes I think the last pair of glasses are actually straining my vision. And I want to add - to help alleviate any fears from your readers, that when we spend 10 to 14 days on trips - there is no slowing you down. And I'm not exaggerating. Well, that's my nickel's worth today. We don't have pennies anymore up here.

Ron said...

Your doctor is right, use it or lose it (smile). I think my problem with balance has to do with my arthritis. I'm not as limber as I was when I was young. Ah, when I was young. I never gave much thought, actually no thought to keeping my balance. Now I am ever so cognizant of not falling. I still keep my physical activity but just slower.
In this heat and humidity, I go out just for short periods of time. If I stay out too long I start sweating profusely and getting dizzy. Something else I never thought about when I was young. I just barreled through those hot, hazy, lazy days of summer. Not now, I have to be very careful. You should to. That heat can sneak up on you.

Ron said...

I used to tease my Mother about all her doctors' appointments and her complaining about her aches and pains. She told me "Just you wait." I'm there now. Mom would be having a good laugh now. I wish sometimes I could talk to her and tell her of my turn on the medical treadmill.
Thanks Linda for encouraging me to blog. Very appreciated.

Ron said...

Hey Pat! You're right about me not slowing down during our get togethers four times a year. What a wonderful way to enjoy the last act of my life, getting together with you quarterly in a major city. Thank you Pat for making that possible.

Ur-spo said...

Come to AZ soon for some proper temps - high hitting 47C soon.

WARPed said...

Hi Ron,

Now that I'm in my 60s (62) I find I no longer have the strength/endurance I had even 3-4 years ago. I used to able to go to the gym and work out for 2 hours, then go directly to basketball practice and run up and down the court with the youth team I coached...those days are gone!

I don't need to work out harder, just more frequently. I can see now that daily moderate exercise is *very* important in maintaining health and flexibility. Daily stretching really helps the aches and pains, too.

Moving towards a plant-based diet helps a lot, too.

Well, I'm off to the gym after work!



Jon said...

My Gawd - when I first saw that gif of Donald Duck, I thought it was me! That's how I look and feel.
I can fully identify with what you've described and are experiencing. I'm not ancient(yet) but my health has rapidly deteriorated during these past few years. I'm plagued with back pain and migraines and numerous other maladies. And I tire easily.

You're so right about the heat. I tried to do some yard work yesterday and almost passed out from the intense humidity. It didn't feel that hot when I was in the house. Last Sunday I went outside before dawn to start clearing the tall weeds from the long (and I mean LONG) driveway up to my house. My back is always so bad that I limp and hobble everywhere.
I'm turning into Quasimodo.

Take it easy (easier said than done) - stay indoors and keep cool. Drink plenty of liquids (If you don't drink water, how about Gatorade..or any of those other "sports"-type drinks?).

BTW - I'm still reading (and thoroughly enjoying) the books...

Travel said...

I try to focus on what I can do, what I still enjoy, and doing new things that the faster me, never had time for. Relax and enjoy. Let the plants dry out - less to sweat over.

Ron said...

I agree with everything you said. In order to continue to be healthy even as our bodies deteriorate we should continue to get exercise if only by moving about. Try to minimize the sedentary lifestyle. Like you I just don't have the endurance that I used to have. I have to ration my activity.. And definitely moving towards a vegan diet is helpful, no more red and juicy prime ribs!

Ron said...

Be extremely careful when working outside in this heat and humidity. Your body could quickly overheat and you could pass out and even die from heat exhaustion. That almost happened to my Mother the first time she tried a jacuzzi when we stayed at a hotel in Johnson City, Tennessee. We almost lost her.
I'm glad you still reading those books and thoroughly enjoying them. I will have another shipment on your way soon to those idyllic Tennessee mountains.

Ron said...

Let those plants dry out! Oh no,I can't! I hear them screaming "Water me!"