Saturday, June 20, 2015


This morning while perusing You Tube I came across this video of Mick Jagger attending an Elton John lawn party.  

Check out Elton's "lawn" folks.  And I thought I had a fabulous lawn.  

Bill and I have been in Delaware for nine years now and yet to have a lawn party.  Maybe it's time.  Can  you see the look on Bill's face if I had one of THESE lawn parties?  I love it!

After watching this video, the documentary of Elton made by his partner (now husband) David Furnish followed on You Tube.  It's called "Elton John Tantrums and Tiaras". 

I've never seen it before but heard a lot about it.  Amazingly it was made in 1997, eighteen years ago.  Oh where does the time go?  

Well, I sat here in front of my computer this morning on this hot and humid Saturday morning and watched the whole thing.  And I am glad I did.  

I've always liked Elton John.  Not only because of his genius and talent but because he is totally honest.  And honesty is what I respect most in people.  There is nothing phony about this man . . . . . . NOTHING.  And he is funny.  I love funny.

If you have the time watch it and enjoy.

Have a great day!


Unknown said...

Elton John is one of my heros. I remember when he came out, and everyone said "it will kill his career". I wanted to badly to blurt out "I'll always adore him!". But alas, did not. I love his music, I love his life. A great man as far as I am concerned. I saw him in concert a couple of years ago with a friend. We were behind the stage. Didn't matter, he made it a point to play to us, too. Pretty cool of him!

Peace <3

Jon said...

I watched and enjoyed both videos.
Now that I have a few acres, I'd love to have a lawn party - - but I have no one to invite except the cats.....and the neighboring cows.......and it rains here every damn day.......and I'd have to utilize a trendy food catering service, but Pizza Hut doesn't do mountain deliveries......

I've actually been to several posh lawn parties in Beverly Hills. The snooty atmosphere is almost tolerable after a few drinks.

Ron said...

Some lawn party huh? Of course I was only being tongue in cheek when I suggested holding a similar lawn party. Actually, that's one thing I have avoided doing all my life, throwing a party. That and going to bed with a woman. Just about every thing else I've done except the evil things of course. Nothing but the feel good stuff.

Ron said...

I've always liked Elton John, hissy fits and all. His talent is amazing and I love his honesty. Of course I don't think we could ever be friends because I wouldn't put up with his antics but it do enjoy watching from afar.

Ur-spo said...

Elton joked he has become the Martha Stewart of the gay world.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Elton John is a treasure in more ways than one. He is genuine.

Raybeard said...

I saw this when it first appeared on TV but, gosh, was it really 18 years ago?: I'd have guessed 10 at the very most.
I may be in a minority in having a higher regard for his music (especially his ballads) than the composer/singer as a man. However, he's nowhere near the worst of how arrogant and misbehavioural celebs can be when they become entranced by riches and fame. These privileges don't seem to have tarnished his musical talents at all.

I see that there are rumours swimming around on the state of his marriage - more strain than an actual split, if they are to be believed. If there were to be any basis in them and he were actually to divorce from David eventually, I can just see some sections rubbing there hands in glee in an "I told you so!" fashion because, as we all know, all hetero marriages last FOREVER!

Ron said...

I admire Elton greatly not only because of his musical talent but because of his total honesty. So he has occasional diva outbursts, he's allowed. His talent and genius and honesty entitles him. I don't mind at all. Now with someone like Jennifer Lopez, whose only "talent" seems to be a big ass I have a totally different opinion on her diva demands.
About the rumors of his marriage on the rocky shoals? Probably true. All relationships have their turbulent episodes. I hope he can survive this one because it isn't good to me alone.

Raybeard said...

Sometimes your comments really crack me up. (Here re JLo). I wonder if you are aware of the effect they can have. But don't let the realisation spoil you. Keep 'em coming! :-)

Ron said...

I"ve been known to crack people up with my comments. All unintentional of course. And no, most of the time I am NOT aware of this effect. I'm just being me.