Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Another Blogger Gone

David entering the Bloggerpalooza festivities with his friend and paying the Warrior Queen

This morning Jay, a fellow blogger sent me a message asking me if I knew what happened to David Jeffreys.  He said that David hasn't posted a blog in five months.  

David and Wayne - both gone this year
I immediately got on the Internet and searched for David's name in the obituaries and sad to say I found that he died this past December 23rd, three days after his 72 birthday.

I didn't know David that well. I only met him once in person at that was at the 2013 Bloggerpalooza that was held in Lewes, Delaware. Still, I am saddened by David's death.  

In the past year alone three good friends of mine have died:

Bob McCamley  September 10, 2014
Ed Cage            January 27, 2015
Wayne Juneau   February 17, 2015

I guess at my age (73) the passing of friends and acquaintances will happen with increasing frequency.  

David with his friend Jay

Not to end on a totally sad note, I found out while researching information on David that his middle name of "E" stood for "Elmo."  

David, it's a good thing you didn't let us know that at the Bloggerpalooza.

David's last blog posting was in November.  He did a "Throwback Tuesday - Thanksgiving Edition.  Click HERE to read it.  

Rest in peace David.

David gets a "Dr. Spo" hug


Geo. said...

My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend. I feel awful when people I know and like die.

Jay M. said...

I am so sad. David and I carried on an online friendship after the Bloggerpalooza for quite some time. I knew he was in bad health, but didn't know this until you discovered it, Ron. Thank you.

David offered me a camper some time ago, but clearly while he was declining. I wish I'd taken him up on it, but I couldn't use it! HAHAHAHAHA TOO BIG!!! (How often do you hear a gay guy say THAT?!?!?)

Thank you again, Ron. So sad. I'll miss David.
Peace <3

pat888 said...

Ron - I'm sorry I didn't get to meet David at the last Bloggerpalooza. But congrats to you for bringing so many nice people together.


Raybeard said...

So sad, Ron. We all know that that is 'just' the way it goes. But hearing that someone has died who meant such a lot for certain others always tugs at ones emotions, so I'd like to endorse your R.I.P. for dear David.

wcs said...

Sad news.

WARPed said...

This is very sad.


Travel said...

Thank you for researching and reporting this. What can we say, we are all mortal, enjoy today, there is no guarantee on tomorrow.

Ron said...

I didn't know David that well but I will miss him. He had a true and goo heart.

Ron said...

I didn't know David as well as you Jay but I will miss him. I am glad he was able to come to the first Bloggerpalooza and we had a chance to meet him in person. Maybe he rest in peace.

Ron said...

You would have like David. Like all the other bloggers I've had the good fortune to meet, he was kind, personable, witty, interesting and good hearted. He will be missed

Ron said...

You would have liked David. I am fortunate that I have been able to meet so many bloggers in person. To a person, they have all been good people.

Ron said...

Very sad Walt.

Ron said...

Always a tug at the heart when a fellow blogger is no more. Especially sad when it is someone I have met in person and liked as I did David.

Ron said...

Again, you are exactly right. "Enjoy today, there is no guarantee on tomorrow."

Laurent said...

Very kind of you Ron to share this with us.

Ur-spo said...

I thank you very much for telling me. I stop by his blog and saw no posts and didn't connect the dots. I had forgotten too he was at the get - together. My heartfelt thanks for posting the photos especially the last one.

Ron said...

I'm glad I could do it Larry.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
It meant a lot of David to meet you. I am so glad that Mark captured The Moment.