Monday, May 11, 2015

No More Leg Brace!!!!!!!


For the first time since I fell and injured my leg (ruptured (severed) my quadricep muscles on my leg), I no longer have to wear this ugly, constricting, supportive, hot, unsightly, leg causing sponge brace.  Hallelujah!

My orthopedic doctor said that "Your leg brace is probably restricting you now, you don't have to wear it any longer." 

This was the best news I've heard since . . . . well I don't know. 

Folks, this has been a long haul.  The Cajun pushed me I fell as I was leaving work on that dark and cold (5 degrees) night of February 18th.  Life hasn't been easy since then folks, especially for someone as active as I am.  

The pain, the inconvenience, the neediness, the doctor's and physical therapy visits . . . . slowly coming to an end.

I see my orthopedic doctor again June 8th.  I will continue my three times a week physical therapy for at least another four weeks. 

But my life, as I knew it is slowly but surely coming back to normal.

I still have trouble bending my injured knee. My doctor advised me of several exercises I could take, including swimming (which is out of the question for me) that would lengthen my reattached quadricep muscle.  He said I also have to get rid of the build of up scar tissue around the quadricep muscle, and that can be done by exercise

I just came in from raking some grass.  I couldn't stay out too long because of the blazing sun and heat.  But I will be out later today when the sun and heat retreats.

Want to see what it looked like getting out of the car with the leg brace?  Take a looky see below:

No more with THAT struggle.


Bob Slatten said...

Well that's good news!

Jon said...

Finally!!!! You and the leg brace have ended your turbulent relationship! Ron, when you shouted "Hallelujah", I heard it here in TN. Congratulations!

Larry Meredith said...


One small step and all that cliche. Hooray. Maybe by the end of the month when we get together you will be walking human again.


Travel said...

Great news, normalcy will return.

Jay M. said...

YAY!!! Hallelujah!!! I know you are psyched. And he didn't even put you in a flexible brace. That's good. I remember the massage and exercise I endured to get rid of scar tissue in my wrist. So yeah, keep using it!

Peace <3

Geo. said...

Ron, this is wonderful! My compliments on your recuperative powers.

pat888 said...

Ron - due to internet problems here today I can't remember if I commented on this post. But I would like to say that the banner strikes me as something haunting with the focus on the house across the street in the fog. Sort of eerie - like an ad for a supernatural type movie. But it do like it.

Ron said...

Tell me about it!

Ron said...

Frankly, I had my doubts about this day happening where I could move about on my own, albeit with a pronounced limp. But I can WALK unaided with a brace or a cane although I keep my can within distance just in case I feel my leg giving out. Now to get my knee bending more and get rid of that scar tissue.

Ron said...

Sorry I missed your call tonight. I was in the middle of something with Pat. I can see getting back to my normal walks maybe this week. Or at least an abbreviated version of my walk. Glory be!

Ron said...

A happy day today indeed!

Ron said...

You're right about the scar tissue. I had not taken that into consideration. But my doctor advised me to "get rid of it" by exercise. I'm working on it, increments each day until it is all gone.

Ron said...

Thank you George!

Ron said...

That's the way the photo of the house across the street from me stuck me too. I like these ephemeral pictures. Makes me think.

wcs said...

Yippee! Great news! Be careful, now. :)

Ron said...

Absolutely, I don't want to go backwards!

Ur-spo said...

Be nice to wayne now.