Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

This morning I was trying to think of something unique and interesting to post to my blog but I kept coming back to my backlog of Random Thoughts. So here I go without trying to sound too negative. I’ll try and balance……

1) Mariah Carey – what is it with this woman anyway? Who buys her records? Who likes her? She is such a self centered, selfish, boring diva it is beyond me who supports this fat pig.

2) Jo Lo – same as above. I do not understand their “talent” or who buys their records? My mind is boggled every time I see her fat ass and all the “oohs and ahhhs.” This is attractive? No, this is a fat assed, no talent, selfish woman.

3) Computer viruses – who are these people who get their pleasure from disrupting and destroying computer user’s hard drives? What drives these people? And why do they all end up as “security specialists” working for big bucks for companies to prevent further virus spreads. These people should be used for target practice.

4) Political parties – when is the American public going to recognize that both political parties are bought and paid for by corporate and special interests and don’t have an interest or incentive to work for the good of the average voter?

5) Litterers – what kind of person throws trash out the window of their vehicle with no thought as to what will happen to that trash? What goes through their head when they toss that beer can out the window? Why don’t local governments enact a return policy on beer and soda cans? That would stop the litter. Oh, I forgot. All government, including local, are bought and owned by corporate and special interests.

6) Litter pickup volunteer teams – these are the true unsung heroes of our local communities. They take time out of their personal time to pick up the roadside litter that the thoughtless individuals I mentioned in No. 5 leave behind. Two kinds of people in the world. Those who litter and those who care enough to pick up the litter.

7) Turn signals – oh I could go on with many, many rants here but one I will highlight. Why most vehicle drivers don’t use their turn signal when driving or, when they do, they turn the signal on just as they turn? Are they really that lazy that they don’t want to take two separate motions of their hands?

8) Spaying and neutering dogs and cats more true unsung heroes of our local communities. These people often spend their own money to insure that more unwanted cats and dogs are not born just to be put to sleep because no one wants them.

9) Commercials on cable TV – did I get it wrong but wasn’t pay TV supposed to be commercial free? I don’t even have commercial TV now (I have satellite TV which doesn’t offer local and network commercial channels) but I might as well with all the commercials I have to endure on CNN and MSNBC as well as all the other cable channels. This was another classic bait and switch pulled on the American public.

10) Bank and credit card charges – when did it happen that banks went from making money by loaning money out to people and small businesses to now where they make money by usury interest rates on credit cards, tricks and traps to generate fees on your bank and credit cards accounts, and gambling on hedge funds and other to complicated to understand market money mechanizations? Oh, I forget. Banks and credit card companies own our politicians.

These are just a few of my thoughts today. I have many more which I will post in the future. I just had to get some of them off of my chest this morning.

Again, I always have to put my complaints into perspective. I could be trapped under a slab of concrete after an earthquake. Everything is relative


How did David Gregory end up with his own show on MSNBC? A more vacuous transparent person I have yet to see. Is this the best they could do to replace Tim Russert on “Meet the Press?” Howdy Doody time indeed.


Kim Ayres said...

Boy are you in a foul mood!

Besides, I know women are not your thing, but I'd hardly call Mariah Carey or J-Lo, fat.

Sounds like you've a bit of lipophobia there, Ron...

Ron Tipton said...


Yes, I am in a foul mood today. I admit it. Guilty as charged. However, that doesn't change the fact that these two women are FAT. I appreciate attractive and beautiful women. These two overrated divas are not attractive women to my discerning eye. That they earn millions of dollars for their supposed "talent" tells me that there is something dreadfully wrong with this world.

"Lipophobia?" That's a word I don't know. To the dictionary Ron!

Ron Tipton said...


I looked up the word lipophobia. It means the avoidence of fat.

To clarify, I'm not against fat so much as I wanted to express my distaste that these two women who are idolized as sex symbols are nothing more than overpaid, overrated, selfish and brain dead prima donnas who do not deserve the exaltation that they receive from millions of people. It is pure jealousy on my part. Nothing more nor nothing less.


Ron Tipton said...

An e-mail received from one of my lady friends:

Well, Ron, this is interesting........... Tell me how you are feeling today ..............
To be sure you won't have another of these days for 29 days. This is for sure PMS for men.
Just stay cool. This too shall pass.
Jean ;-)

Ron Tipton said...

Another "Random Thought." It has come to my attention that my blog posting of today came across as extremely negative. Upon review I have to agree. I apologize to one and all. I have some other issues in my life today and apparently I have decided to lash out. I will do better tomorrow. Promise.

Nitewrit said...


Well, you did say nice things about those who spay and neuter dogs and cats, so my daughters would thank you. Maybe you have even seen my one daughter out driving the Spay and Neuter Van, which she occasionally does. So we don't litter with cats and dogs and we don't litter the highways either, and we also appreciate those who clean up other's trash.

That is a terribly unflattering picture of J-Lo, by the way.


Ron Tipton said...


I probably shouldn't have posted my mostly negative post today but I just had to get some things off of my chest. The adulation accorded to Jo Lo and Mariah Carey drives me nuts. I don't get it at all. And not because I'm gay but because these are two absolutely worthless, unimportant human beings.

Now, those who care about our defenseless animals and our environment I have much more respect. That was the point I was trying to make. Also I had to put in some digs about our "wonderful" politicians who are totally owned by special interests and does not work for the average American like you and me. Also, I had to say something about a total phony like David Gregory. That someone like him replaces the wonderful Tim Russert only fuels my anger at the media establishment. Thank God for bloggers like you and me and all the others who are leveling the playing field.