Monday, December 28, 2009

Up in the Air

I haven’t flown since 9/11. The reason I haven’t flown isn’t the one that might come to you mind at first. No, it isn’t that I am afraid to fly. The reason I haven’t flown is that I refuse to be subjected to the ridiculous security measures that are now the norm for the average airline passenger.

Flying before 9/11 was an ordeal. At 6’3” I was usually stuffed in a middle seat. Even though my weight is only about 160 pounds, I was always physically uncomfortable flying. It was just an ordeal I had to get through to get from point A to point B.

Most of my flights were between Philadelphia and Boston’s Logan Airport where I would switch over to catch the local commuter flights to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Again, the whole procedure was an ordeal. From making sure my luggage was transferred (make sure you tip the airport skycaps in Philly or else that luggage doesn’t even get on the plane) to getting a seat that wasn’t right behind someone smoking.

I’ve only made three other flights to different destinations in my life. One flight I made to San Francisco, California for a lost weekend. Another flight I made to Cleveland, Ohio for another lost weekend. The “lost weekends” were both gay related. Don’t ask.

The third flight I made to visit my brother and his family in Greenville, South Carolina. That wasn’t a lost weekend like the other two. That was a legitimate flight that I would like to make again.

My Mother now lives with my brother in South Carolina. I would love to visit her and my brother and his family. However, I will not do it as long as I have to go through this ridiculous routine of taking my shoes off before I board a plane.

As I have mentioned in previous blog postings, I’m not the smartest person in the world but there are certain things in which I am an absolute genius about. My biggest claim to fame was that I saw through was this whole “weapons of mass destruction we must go to war with Iraq” fiasco. I also knew from the get go that George W. Bush was a fraud (but I was far from alone in figuring that out. I had a lot of company.) Of course I also knew that most of Congress, both parties are corrupt and care nothing about the average American but only their chances of getting reelected and perpetuating themselves in power. Again, I wasn’t alone in this statement of the obvious.

Oh every now and then I slip. For instance I did believe in Barrack Obama and “Change that you can believe in.” Since he has been in office he has shown himself to be nothing more than George W. Bush Light. The only positive thing he has accomplished is lowering the level of hatred of the United States by the rest of the world. While important he has done nothing that directly affects my life. But this is a subject to another blog posting that I won’t go into here

On Christmas Day a Nigerian man attempted to blow himself up on a plane bound from Amsterdam to Detroit. He did not succeed. All he succeeded in doing was setting him self on fire and being subdued for a few brave fellow passengers. Now there is your real airline security. It is the vigilant eye of the fellow passengers and their willingness to subdue any potential terrorists.

All the millions of passengers who removed shoes didn’t prevent this terrorist trying to blow up a plan. What did this terrorist do? He put the package of explosives next to his package. So now what are the “experts” on airline security going to do? Pat everyone’s “package” before they board a plane? Are you looking forward to going through that security check? That sounds very much like what used to go on at the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the “packed to the gills” gay bar in Philly I used to frequent in the 70’s.

Folks, I think it is time to announce the obvious. The terrorist have won.


Nitewrit said...


Since Reid hid the stuff in his shoes, one must remove shoes. This fellow had it sewed in his skivvies so I dread to think...
But I have heard we will have nothing more to fear. I understand they have now banned having anything on your lap during the last hour of flight and that the captain may no longer point out sights along the way. you know, "This is your Captain speaking. If you look out the left side of the airplane you will see Pikes Peak, etc.

I feel so much more secure knowing any terrorist intent on blowing up Pikes peak will now not be able to find it.



I have the same sentiments about this issue with flying, as you do.

Who knows; maybe some of these 'terrorists' are bought and paid for by our own government and/or USA 'big business', who are making a real profit from all of this.

Remember, 'we only have to fear FEAR, itself'????? Possibly, this whole 'bogus' series of events since 9/11 was the brain-child of some of the world powers (including the USA), so they could inflict unnecessary controls on us; unncessary surveillance, unncessary snooping - all 'unnecessary polices', that have cut seriously into our personal freedoms..........

Frankly, I haven't believed a damned thing any president has said since Dwight David Eisenhower; when you realize that JFK was murdered by a consortium of individuals (some of whom were in organized crime), I think you saw the 'take over' right then and there.

Like the game, Poker, they're 'slow-playing each and every hand', and only a few of us have caught on to what's been going on for a long time now.

How far will they push us; how far do they think they can take all of this?

I know one thing; I'll walk before I fly on an airplane. I don't feel secure on ANY KIND OF MASS TRANSIT, and I sure don't feel safe among the 'masses' anymore.

If it's a hermit I have to be, I will be one - and one still wearing my shoes, and not taking them off for ANYONE!

Strangely, the word-verification reads:


Hmmmmm - if I said it, I'd write it a bit more clearly; makes me feel a little 'spooked' looking at those letters (I think they got the "I" and the "U" in the wrong place). Diane

Ron Tipton said...

I agree with you 100%. Like you I haven't believed anything that has come out of government since the Fifties. They all like, supposedly in our "best interests." Bull. It's in their best interests.

I will not fly as long as these stupid "security measures" are in effect. Not because I don't believe in security checks but what they are doing do isn't effective except to make airline travel more cumbersome and unappealing.

The only true way to provide security is the way the Israeli's do it by interviewing. Pulling out grandma from her wheelchair to do the walk isn't the answer.

Maybe the geniuses will take the next step and require everyone to board the planes nude. That wouldn't surprise me. Nothing surprises me anymore, least of all the stupidity and shortsighteness of those who are supposed to protect us.


Ron Tipton said...


This latest terrorist incidence has shown what a joke our airline security measures are. Taking the shoes off and confiscating toothpaste tubes don't prevent someone trying to blow up a plane. Paying attention to terrorist watch lists and studying (profiling if you wish) passengers getting on planes works.

The Nigerian terrorist paid cash, had no luggage, was on a terrorist watch list and was going one way. Hmmmm. Seems to me that would raise a few flags. But no. We have our politically correct culture that says you pull grandma out of the line and search her. Yeah, that's gonna stop terrorism on the planes. It's about time we got serious about terrorism.

And it doesn't help with a dumbkopf like Homeland Security Director Janet Napalotino gets on TV and says "The system worked." Another "Brownie" moment. The Bush administration no longer has the market on incompetence.

Nitewrit said...

Do you realize Diane will never be a visitor in you home. She won't take her shoes off for anyone. :)


Ron Tipton said...


I hadn't noticed the irony in my rule of taking off shoes for any guests in my house. Of course I'm not in fear of shoe bombers, just folks who stepped in spit or worse and tracking it through my house. Then I would be able to roll around on the floors. :)