Friday, November 06, 2009

Job Posting

Last night at work I was informed my my manager that my job will be posted in today's local paper. 

My birthday is next Monday, November 9th.

Happy birthday Ron.


Kim Ayres said...

Did you tell him his obituary will be posted in next month's?

Ron said...

Thank you Kim! You made me smile for the first time since I got the news. This is what I was looking for, to get a proper perspective on this development. You have helped.


Goodness, Ron - so sorry to read the news. You've enjoyed your job so much; been such a loyal employee and always so dedicated and flexible when you've worked extra hours and filled in for other people who asked you to work their shift!!!!

This is a lousy thing to have done to you - a bad time of year to boot.

I should mention, I really like the look of your blog - you've made the header so much more beautiful with such a gorgeous photograph!

I left you a happy birthday message on Facebook; we leave today for Catalina Island and won't have access to a computer for 5 days.

I'll wish you another 'better birthday' wish here, but as to 'happy', I'm sure you won't be entirely happy now that your employer has failed to appreciate all the contribution you've made and the long hours and kindness you've shown to everyone.


Ron said...


Thank you for your kind words. You are exactly right. I have given my all to this job but apparently it isn't enough.

I am very upset. I haven't made up my mind if I even want to go back to work. My heart isn't in the job any more.

Gina said...

What a way to find out you are losing your job. I find it to be a bit cowardly and heartless. All I have to say is "Off with his Head!"

Ron said...


I thought it was interesting.


nitewrit said...


I'm so sorry, Ron. Is this really final. No chance they are just hiring a extra clerk, I guess. They give any reason? Seems a weird way to do it.


Ron said...

Nup. They're not hiring an extra clerk. In fact, my hours were cut back to one night a week. I'm hardly working there now. I guess he placed the ad in the paper to humiliate me enough to quit which I just may do anyway.

I'm not scheduled to go into work until next Saturday. I will probably make my decision by then.

Kim Ayres said...

I think you should make a deal with a rival hotel. Tell them for a fee, or a part time job, you'll spend the remainder of your time recommending customers go and stay at their establishment, rather than this one :)

And don't forget to phone health and safety to let them know about the rat you saw in their kitchen :)

Ron said...


I called the owner this morning. I want to talk to him about my job and where I stand. He's busy this morning but said he would see me this afternoon. I await his call.