Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why I Blog

Blogging: (blŏg-ging)

. An enjoyable pastime:

. A way of expressing emotions, ideas and opinions in a public realm:

. A way of meeting like-minded people bypassing geographical or cultural barriers:

. A form of self-medication:

I took the definition of blogging from a fellow blogger's blog, Ramblings of the Bearded One. Thank you Kim Ayers for your inspiration. You are a true undiscovered talent (albeit slowly being discovered.)

For those of you who know me personally and those of you who have stumbled across my blogs, the answer to the question of "Why I Blog" is "All of the above."

. An enjoyable pastime:

Yes, that is me. I have always loved to write. From the time I was a teenager writing to pen pals until my adulthood writing Letters to the Editor of local and national newspapers. I get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from writing. Probably the same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that a musician or an athlete receives when they engage in their favorite activity.

. A way of expressing emotions, ideas and opinions in a public realm:

Oh yes. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I rarely hesitate of express my emotions, ideas and opinions. However, I have tried to tamp down my rants and raves about the current political scene because so many others already do it much better than me. However, there are times when I simply cannot hold myself back and I have to express my opinion over some current political situation.

. A way of meeting like-minded people bypassing geographical or cultural barriers:

Yes, this is a goal of mine but so far it has not happened much to my surprise. I have met some very nice people who have left comments on some of my blogs and I have even gained one follower other than a friend. But I had expected to meet many more people worldwide who would find my blog of interest. But then, maybe what I have suspected all along in my 67 years on this earth, I may not be the most interesting person. Ironically if this is true, it does not affect my self image one iota. Maybe I have a healthy ego or I'm just not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I've always been pretty happy with myself. There have been a few times I've slipped and I wish I could have done things a different way but who I am? I'm quite satisfied with who I am, thank you.

. A form of self-medication:

Oh yes, definitely. Whenever I'm down (depressed), all I have to do is write a blog or an entry into my personal journal and euphoria returns. I can't exactly explain how this works but it seems once I write down either what I'm doing, what I did, what I'm going to do or what I wish to do; I immediately feel like I'm okay again. I am not alone.

Perhaps that is the Number One reason I write a blog, I am not alone.

I remember years ago when my Great Aunt Grace (my Mother's aunt) asked my Mother: "Why does Ronnie write to pen pals? Doesn't he have any friends?" (Note: "Ronnie" is my childhood name, "Ron" is my adult name.)

I was maybe 12 years old when my Mother related Aunt Grace's question to me. At the time I thought that is why I did have pen pals, because of the paucity of my friendships. Oh I did have a few friends. In fact I have a few very good friends. But still I felt I was missing something. Perhaps I wanted to contact the world outside of my little five mile radius of Downingtown, Pennsylvania where I grew up.

It wasn't until I joined the Army when I was 18 years old that I gave up all my pen pals (save one, I wrote to her about a year into my Army enlistment until I finally gave her up too - Sorry Nancy Jo Stoker of Waterloo, Iowa.)

Looking back now I probably gave up the pen pals because I had a lot of friends or at least comradeship when I was in the Army. There was always something to do, somewhere to go, and someone to go with.

After the Army, when I young and pretty and full of life and zest, I hit the nightlife scene of a young gay man. Again, there was very little if no time for reaching out into the Great Unknown to make friends and acquaintances. With my youthful good looks and refreshing innocence, I made many friends (and more) in the gay bar scene (no false modesty here, I'm telling it like it is....or was.)

Then I entered into a life long relationship with my life partner (still going on.) My career (in trust bank operations) monopolized my time and I also gained many more friends and acquaintances through my work place.

However, now that I am retired (I do work part time at a hotel where I meet people), I feel as if I've completed the full cycle.

I haven't made as many friends as I thought I would down here in what is considered the gay capital of the East Coast. That's probably because of a combination of factors, the main one being that I'm not from the D.C. gay crowd. Also, I have several serious drawbacks which make me an unlikely candidate for multiple friendships. I'm way too naive. I have a passive/aggressive personality which doesn't fit well with most friendships. However, I have made a few friends and I treasure and value greatly their friendship (you know who are are.)

Some of the other reasons why I'm not a candidate for Miss Geniality are that I'm way too honest. I do like to gossip (but not harmful gossip or is that an oxymoron?) I am very private and I make everyone take their shoes off when they enter my house.

Whatever the reasons at this point in my life I've settled down to a nice, comfortable routine. I am retired but work part time just enough to engage my brain from atrophying and to meet more interesting people than I would meet in a Wal-Mart checkout line.

Oh, one other reason that maybe I'm not the Toast of Town is my voice. I'm not effeminate nor do I talk with a "gay" accent (all you straight people know what I'm talking about, gay people don't.) But my voice is not a deep, melodious voice. It is more of the Henry Aldrich variety with a Philadelphia accent. What is a Philadelphia accent? One example is that I pronounce water as "wudder." I have a nasal twang. What can I say? Coincidentally my one brother also has the same nasal twang and sometimes even his own wife will mistake me for her own husband when I call on the phone. However, my other brother has the expected deep, baritone tone of a mature, heterosexual male. I, on the other hand, am not to be taken seriously once I open my mouth.

I still remember the advice I was given by a couple of my Army buddies when I was 18 years old stationed at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts. It was a Friday night and they guys were going to take "the kid" (that would be me) out to the Little Club (or some name like that) in Ayer, Massachusetts. They said they would take me with them under one condition that I would keep my mouth shut. I did that night but I haven't ever since.

So, to sum up why I write a blog:

I like to write and I like to meet like minded people. It makes me feel good. It is a harmless past time and it doesn't cost me anything but time. I don't need anyone's approval (although sometimes some friends and readers of my blog attempt to control what I write but I pay them no mind.) I've been told that I shouldn't have music on my blog (I like the music, it stays.) I've also been told that I should not criticize Republicans on my blog (I will continue to do so when appropriate and I'm in the mood to vent.) I've also been told that I write too much about myself and should focus more on general topics (what is that criticism all about anyway? That's the whole point of my blog, ME.)

So I soldier on writing my blog, mostly every day. I do not worry about subject matter or what to write about. There is always something to write about. The backlog of topics in my head is endless. I have as many topics to write about as there are grains of sand on the beach or stars in the skies.

I am always seeking to improve my writing style and make my topics of interest. And of course, I always try to have humor and good will in all my blog postings.

I will continue to write until I am no longer able to write or the Powers That Be start to charge for maintaining a blog. If that happens, then I go back to counted cross stitch.


Kim Ayres said...

I've also been told that I should not criticize Republicans on my blog

By a republican, perchance?

Mind you, since I wrote, As self-medications go, it’s not as harmful as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, organised religion or voting Republican I seem to have lost about 85% of my visitors. Still it saves them from being disappointed later on. :)

Ron said...


By a Republican, perchance? Absolutely! Some of my best friends are Republicans. Not because they're Republicans but in spite of the fact that they are Republican.

I agree 100% with you on your statement "As self-medications go, it's not as harmful as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, organised religion or voting Republican." Few truer words have been spoken.

Interesting that you have lost 85% of your visitors since publishing that statement. You haven't lost me. To me you are an island of sanity in a sea of craziness. I hope you keep blogging and sharing your views for as long as I inhabit this planet earth.

Sail on Kim.

Cathy said...

I read every post, Ron - and have missed them the last few days! I found your blog through Google, searching for "Rehoboth", so you don't know me. I appreciate your inspiration and insight. Keep it up, please.

Ron said...


Thank you so much! You have made me smile and given me by boost for the day. That is another reason I blog, to share my thoughts, rants, and observations with other like minded folk.

Also, thank you for the acknowledgment of missing my blogs for the last few days. I try to post every day but sometimes events overtake me. Rather than rush out a blog that is not well thought out, I will wait.

Yesterday Bill and I made a return visit to our former property. Much to write about there in future blogs. It is all churning around in my mind now and will have to be sorted out.

Thank you again for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

Kim Ayres said...

Strictly speaking I have no way of knowing whether that quote caused the drop off in numbers - far more likely it's becaause I moved off the front page of the most recent 10 Blogs of Note.

However, it's possible it irritated an awful lot of alcoholics... :)

Ron said...

However, it's possible it irritated an awful lot of alcoholics... :)


You ARE FUNNY. That was my Smile of the Day. Thank you sir.