Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Good Day

Today was one of those good days. Our friend, who I've been writing about, agreed to visit us today. He came over in the afternoon and spent several hours with us. We watched the classic "The Boys In The Band" downstairs in the cool climes of our finished basement on a wide screen TV. The last time he saw this movie was thirty nine years ago. Time sure does fly.

After the movie we had dinner and my new favorite restaurant, The Flying Crab. The owner recognizes me now (I've been there so often) and waited personally waited on my. I'm not used to all this attention but I welcomed it. Later, we came back and our friend spent some quality time with Bill on our back deck. He said he felt a lot better since he came over for this visit.

He left just before dark but not before promising to come over for dinner when we have our other mutual friend over for dinner. I think the best medicine for our friend now is to get his mind off of his bad situation and to enable him to have a broader view of his situation. I'm not a psychiatrist but this approach seemed to work today. Who know what tomorrow will bring. It's one day at a time now.


nitewrit said...


To help one heal is part of the reason for friuendship.

Isn't it enjoyable to be a regular at a restaurant, where you are recognized and treated almost as family rather than just a patron passing through. Although I think it is smart business to treat every customer as if they were regulars, because that may make them become one, it still makes you enjoy it when they recognize you as such.

It has always been one day at a time. Yesterday is always gone and you never know if tomorrow will be there and what it may bring. Young or old, what good has it ever done you to fret over yesterday or worry about tomorrow? People who do this generally lose living the today.


Ron said...


Yes, it is a good feeling to be recognized and treated as special in a restaurant that I like. That hasn't happened to me that often. It is still a novelty for me.

I absolutely agree with you, "one day at a time." I treasure each day. I have no regrets about what has passed and I fear not the future. I live for now but plan for the future and deal with the challenges as they occur. Hopefully I will meet those challenges with wisdom and grace.