Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dinner at Paul and Jack's Place

Bill and I took the long ride down to Ocean City, Maryland this afternoon for dinner with our friend Paul and Jack. This is the first time I’ve driven to Ocean City since we moved here almost three years ago. It was an experience. First we ran into the heavy rush hour traffic in Rehoboth Beach. Then as we entered Dewey Beach, the skies opened with a heavy shower. We had to pull off the road for about 20 minutes for the cats and dogs to stop falling.

Then we were on our way again driving down the narrow strip of land that connects the southern most part of Delaware from Ocean City, Maryland. We drove through sunshine, another shower, sun again and again another shower. It was like we were being tested. Finally we saw the high rises lining the ocean beach that are unique to Ocean City, Maryland. Paul and Jack’s condo was just off 120th Street.

Even though I missed the first turn, we still arrived on time (5 o’clock) and were greeted warmly by Paul and Jack at the door. After a tour of the premises we settled down to an evening of camaraderie and friendship. This was not a “Boys in the Band” get together of gay friends. The times have changed. No hurtful displays of self hate and deadly zingers in this get together of gay friends.

We sat down to a delicious dinner of mustard and wine chicken recipe and wild rice with a side of asparagus. Paul, Jack and I washed it down with Zinfandel wine. Bill drank water. For dessert we had Key Lime Pie made especially by the Notting Hill Coffee Shop in Lewes, Delaware. I picked up the pie in the morning in Lewes in a very crowded coffee shop. It was worth the extra effort because the pie was delicious even thou it fell apart when cut. I was warned to keep the pie in the freezer until 20 minutes before serving. We didn’t do that but no matter. The pie was delicious anyway even if it was a pudding pool in the middle of our dessert plates.

After we thanked Paul and Jack for a wonderful evening together with friends, Bill and I got on good old Route 1 and headed north to home. All in all, we had a delightful evening with friends. Thank you Paul and Jack for your hospitality.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Just now got caught up on your blogs. The breakfast at the Inn had me running to the fridge to get some fresh pineapple. A very nice breakfast buffet!

Sounds like you have had a couple great days, meeting an author & dinner with great friends. How much better can it get?!?

This Sat. my husband & I are going to Lewes to the tomato tasting festival & farmers mkt. We also hope to see a friend, well actually she is my daughter-in-laws mother. I'm calling her later to see if she will be home. I wanted to ask you where the place is that you get ice cream. I'd luv to try it & if time allows I want to have lunch at that new restaurant you mentioned.

I'm a crab cake freak! I get them everywhere I go and have never had one that measures up to my grandmothers. She was born & lived her whole life in St. Michaels, MD 2 doors from the Miles River. Our trips there were an adventure & her Sunday dinners were to die for. I'm still looking for another *****

I'm really looking forward to Sat. but I hear it's going to be a hot one. Oh well, summer's slowing drifting away. We need to drink it all in before the pumpkins arrive.

Take care,

Ron Tipton said...


Good to hear from you again! The ice cream place is called Hopkins Dairy Farm. It is located on Sweetbriar Road and Rt. 9. Be aware on hot and humid days the cow odor may overwhelm the delicious taste of the ice cream.

This afternoon my friend Wayne and I are going to take in the Surfing Crab again. I love their blackened chicken Po-Boy sandwich. Wayne dies for their broiled crab cakes. I call them "Goldilocks crab cakes" - not to big, not too small; just right. Stay cool and enjoy!