Friday, November 21, 2008

Setting Up The New Computer

Well folks, this was the day I set up my new Dell computer. The day I was dreading. Now I wish I had taken my good friend Lar's advice and bought a Mac. At least with that computer, all I would have to do is take it out of the box and plug it in and I'm ready to go. Not so with my new Dell Inspiron. Early this morning, at the first crack of daylight, I laid everything out on the floor of my home office. Which plug goes where. I'm going to make this story short because I have company coming for dinner in about an hour and a half and I have to make preparations. Here is what happened. I couldn't get the wireless mouse and keyboard to work. The instructions that came with the PC didn't match what I had to do. I called the Dell help line. I will give them credit, they did answer right away. However, I was connected to India. COULDN'T HEAR HER! Her voice sounded like she was talking on the other end of a tin can connected by string between me here in Delaware and her in New Dehli. Finally, after many "I can't hear you?", she switched to another phone where I could hear her. I don't know if this was much better. SHE HAD THE ACCENT. Lots of "What did you say?" from me. That sing songy Indian accent. I thought when the tech support job were outsourced overseas, they taught those folks to speak Engie. After about an hour and a half I we succeeded in getting the wireless mouse and keyboard to work. However, she told me that I was on my own as to getting my Internet connection up and going. I thanked her for her time (she was trying her best I'm sure) and hung up. I put a call into my Computer Guy. He's coming over next Tuesday at 1 PM. He speaks English. Maybe he can help me to get the sound working too. I plugged the green sound cord in the back of the computer in the green female input. DIDN'T WORK! FRUSTRATED. I've been dreading this. That's why I'm running dual computers. I'm keeping my old computer until I'm good and comfortable with the new one. I also have to get the wireless printer to working. I haven't even taken that equipment out of the box. I can't get that image of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin giving an interview to a local news reporter that she was setting free one lucky turkey for Thanksgiving while others were being slaughtered in camera range right behind her. I hope I didn't get one of her turkeys.


nitewrit said...


Good grief! as Charlie Brown used to say.

I'm glad Apple help is in the near neighborhood of Christiana if i really need any help.

I hope he rest works okay for you.


Ron said...


I knew I would have problems. Dell didn't disappoint me. Part of the problem is that they sent me too much stuff and instructions in four languages. Setting up the wired connections is like multiple choice. They're assuming I know a certain amount of information, which I don't. Their instructions aren't clear either. What really puzzles me is why I can't get sound. I have everything hooked up according to their diagrams. NO SOUND. I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing. It's worth it to me to pay my friend Tom to finalize setting up my computer. I can trust him. And, this is important, he speaks English with an American accent. Why oh why do most of the help desks have people on the other end of the line who do not speak clear English? I don't think I ever got one who didn't speak English without a heave accent. One time I did get someone who spoke clear English. I asked him where he was located. He said Kansas. I felt like I was home!