Friday, October 24, 2008

Find A

My distant cousin (our great-great-great-fathers were brothers) TimTipton has a passion. He searches for Tipton graves to take pictures for his book he hopes to publish in the future. For many years I have also trolled through cemeteries in search of my Tipton ancestors. I have also search for my maternal ancestors, the Hadfields and Hickmans. Over the years I have accumulated a many pictures. I have also discovered facts that surprised me. For instance, I found my maternal great-great grandfather and grandmother's graves less than a mile from my Pennsylvania home. If I hadn't began my grave search, I would never have known this Find A Finding this web site is like finding a chest of treasure at the end of the rainbow. Yes, I admit it. I am weird. Hey, another good friend, Larry Meredith also like to troll through cemeteries. Larry and I have made several such expeditions in the past. Now here is the best part. This morning I was reading the background information on Find a Much to my surprise I read that a fellow Tipton founded this website. His name is Jim Tipton. Now my question is to my friends Tim and Larry, why didn't we think of this?


nitewrit said...


You mean why didn't we create a website like this? I don't know? I've put some pictures of family tombs on my Family Current Blogs, but I don't think i'd want to maintain an interactive site collecting graves. Not that I have anything against such a site, I think it can be very useful to us "grave rubbers", save us traveling all over, showing us stones of people we didn't know where they were and all. I'm glad somebody does do it. But it might be more work and responsibility than I'd care to take on.

We did have a good time, as morbid as that sounds, visiting those graveyards, didn't we? I miss grave hopping with my daughter at times, too.


Ron said...

You're right, it would be a bit much to undertake. However, I will honor requests to take pictures of gravesites down here in Sussex County. I just got a request for an individual buried in a small church graveyard in Greenwood Delaware. I am going to concentrate on taking pictures and posting to the Find A Grave web site all of my relatives. A labor of love.