Friday, October 21, 2016


Where have I been?  Just chilling out here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Living the Life.

I was going to write about the third presidential debate but quite frankly, I'm sick of Donald Trump.  I'm sick of his insults to not only Hillary Clinton but to the American public. I'm disgusted by his  unAmerican actions. He won't honor the results of the election?  Donald Trump doesn't care about America, he only cares about himself. He can't disappear from the national discourse soon enough.

So what have I been doing with my fascinating life since last Tuesday? 

I've been taking my daily walks.  My goal is to walk at least five miles a day.  Sometimes I walk in my development and sometimes I walk on Oyster Rocks Road, which borders my development.  The above header photo was taken during one of my walks to the Broadkill River at the end of Oyster Rocks Road. The video I posted is of my walk this morning.  Notice the quiet.  Oh folks, how I do love the quiet these days.  So much noise in our daily lives, sometimes I just like to get away and have QUIET.

I worked at the hotel this past Sunday, switching shifts with my co-workers Monica.  Thus I didn't have to work this Thursday so I had the luxury of having this whole week off.  

It's been unusually warm around here.  I've been wanting to plant my fall bulbs but I just can work in this heat and humidity.  The weather we're having (80 plus degrees) is more like August weather than late October weather.

The weather is supposed to cool down next week.  Hopefully I can get those bulbs in the ground before my birthday visit to Philadelphia on November 9th.  

Yesterday I went for my second fitting for my two new expensive partial dentures. That was a long and arduous process getting those fittings.  My dentist had to put a clay like substance in both my bottom and top mouth to replicate my teeth.  He held them in five minutes then tore them out.  I felt like he was tearing my face off.  Oh the joy of looking pretty.  Right now I only have one tooth on the left side of my mouth.  I look like the hillbilly that I am.  I wonder what my hotel guests think of me when I give them one of my big, wide semi-toothless smiles.  Hee haw!

Well folks, I'm rambling now.  Time for my late afternoon walk.


Ur-spo said...

Good for you !
I have just finished a medical lecture that - once again - lauds 30 minutes a day walk as doing more good for us than anything else imaginable.

Raybeard said...

You've pricked my conscience with this post, Ron. I've not done any exercise at all since I took my tumble when going out for a morning jog, which will be three months ago next Tues. The incident scared me off. I know full well that it's especially important to keep up exercise for those of us with diabetes (just type 2 in my case, thankfully) but your intended five miles a day puts me to dire shame. A modest mere one mile per day would, at least, be something! I simply MUST now follow your lead, even if it's more modest than your own regimen.

I too have my dental issues. There's not been anything at all done since my teeth pattern was knocked out of the order it had before the accident. (My hospital appointment for an X-ray has never materialised -yet - all this time later). So on at least a couple of fronts our destinies seem to be crossing, or at least approaching each other in similarities.

Travel said...

Relax and enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hi Ron, I'm glad all is quite there at the Casa Tipton/Kelly. I hope you and Bill are well. For me it's been quite a life overload with work, friends, and family. Enjoy the warm weather while you can it will be cold soon enough.

Jimmy said...

It isn't age that gets to you, it's the maintenance. I've paid for many vacations for my dentist!

Jon said...

What a nice quiet road. It sort of reminds me of the one that goes past my property here in TN. Walking has always been my favorite form of exercise.
The weather has cooled down here - it is in the 30's at night. I am DREADING winter....

Ur-spo said...

I for one am looking forward to winter. It's nearly halloween and it is still in the mid-90s.

Ron said...

Exercise is the best health solution. I always feel so good after my walks. It may take a while to get in the habit of daily exercise but once you do, it will be second nature. You'll feel guilty when you can't exercise.
I am so looking forward to having teeth on both sides of my mouth so I can chew and enjoy my food fully. I hope your dental issues are resolved soon. Doesn't your national health care take care of your dental issues?

Ron said...

Thanks David!

Ron said...

Hey Randy, Pat is now working! Not full time like you but something he's not used to. He's working at CB2 furniture store in Toronto. Lots of walking, bending and loss of his free time. Welcome to the work force Pat!

Ron said...

So right, it is the maintenance that gets you when you're older. Tell me about it. By the way, my former dentist takes his Fridays off and flies down to Florida EVERY weekend. He is an excellent dentist but not cheap. Dentist do well.

Ron said...

Cool weather here now and I'm LOVING it!