Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ron and Pat's Sunset Strip Tour Continues

We're back folks on our fabulous tour of Sunset Boulevard on a Friday night this past January.  

Pat was still in search of the original location of the 60's TV series "77 Sunset Strip."  We were also looking for other iconic landmarks of Hollywood like Grauman's Chinese Theater. We were entering the seedy part of Sunset Boulevard.  The tattoo parlors, the bars beckoning us in with enticing offers of $2.00 beers. Ah, the temptation.

Pat asks "Where is 77 Sunset Strip"?

The bouncer says "That way."  "No, that way." 

Pat is one persistent guy, not to be discouraged that easily. 

We were attracting a fair amount of attention while we wandered around this most iconic of streets in the world.  While taking selfies, more than a few groups of young girls thought we were taking pictures of them.  I had to assure them "We're not taking pictures of you, just ourselves"  I don't think they believed us.  Probably thought we were a couple of old pervs.

Two old pervs stalking Sunset Boulevard
We found Sunset Boulevard, especially downtown where the Walk of Fame is, to be an eclectic mix of people and businesses.  From well to do folks to homeless and just about everything in between.

Friday night on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in January 

I would like to think that Pat and I were "in between." 

I don't remember what I was trying to include in this selfie but we both seem pretty intense don't we?
Eventually we were on the really tawdry side of Sunset Boulevard. Pat was stunned into immobility when he passed this stunning storefront display of feminine pulchritudinous.  Stunned. 

Pat in shock - sorry Pat! Maybe if we hung around long enough we would see Demi Moore emerge with her latest boytoy
We were now in the seeding section of Sunset Boulevard so we decided to catch a bus back to where we were staying, the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast.  What a night folks.  Loved it!


nitewrit said...


That last video, you guys could have been on South Street in Philly. In fact, that one picture could have been because they have window displays like that in South Street, so when Pat comes down in June you can take him to South Street to be stunned again.


Raybeard said...

I reckon that the two of you are probably NOT going to offer your services as guides then.

Tony said...

Just for accuracy, you were actually on Hollywood Blvd., not Sunset Blvd. And it used to be seedier. The area around the Chinese Theater is now like Times Square, having been built up over the last 15 years, including the building of the Dolby Theater for the Oscars, and the purchase of the El Capitan by Disney. As you walked further east you noticed the tourist traps and seedy storefronts, but that is changing slowly as the redevelopment moves east toward Vine.

pat888 said...

Ron - on these short videos I think I'm always a little bit stunned looking (as you and Larry mention). But boy that was a fun time. Sure could use some of that weather up here now. Still in the 30s apart from today and tomorrow.


Ron said...

After I finished my entry I thought it was Hollywood Boulevard. Thanks for the correction. I'll be an expert on Hollywood yet. (smile)

Ron said...

Oh sure Ray, why not? I think Pat and I would make excellent tour guides. (smile)

Ron said...

South Street may look the same but it could never come near the panache that Hollywood Boulevard has. I've been to both and I can tell the difference.

Ron said...

I was just kidding about you looking "stunned." Actually you look like you're having a good time which is what our trip was all about.

Travel said...

It looks like so much fun, I can think of a few places that would stun Pat, - San Francisco has a few specialty shops of note.

Unknown said...

I am so enjoying your trip! I can't wait to go myself! Hopefully with my version of Pat one of these days!

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

Well, all I ask is that you don't go taking it all so fast that those you are guiding can't take it all in. You'll just have to curb your tendency to go zinging around at full pelt - at least for a while. ;-)

Randy in NEB. said...

Hi Ron, Sorry I haven't commented more, just plain old working more over time and simple procrastination. Reminds me of some of the nightlife in Seoul So. Korea, "you buy me drinkie, me love you long time". As always I enjoy your posts and short videos. Randy H.

Ron said...

I bet you can think of a few places that would stun Pat, especially in San Francisco.

Ron said...

I hope you can find your version of Pat. The best way to travel, with a good friend who has similar interests.

Ron said...

No need to apologize for not commenting more. I remember how it is to have a heavy work schedule. You will always be a good friend, whether you comment or not. You're a good man Randy of Nebraska.

Ron said...

I didn't miss much and what I did miss I'll make up for when we return next year. But you're right, I do have a tendency to "go mining around at full pelt." (smile)

Geo. said...

Especially like photo entitled "Two old pervs stalking Sunset Boulevard". Somehow you guys look more like people I'd enjoy having a beer with and pleasant conversation.

Ron said...

Two nicer old pervs you would never meet!