Friday, February 13, 2009

Two More Days

Two more days in Pennsylvania. As I suspected, this has been an eye opening stay. I moved to Delaware permanently November 17, 2006. That was the last time I stayed overnight in Pennsylvania. I've made many visits since then but I've always returned the same day. Since it is a 2 1/2 hour drive both ways, that made for a long day. This trip I decided to stay a few nights out of respect for my Mother and to connect with friends.

My brother Isaac and I took our Mom to the doctor's office today. She needs help going anywhere because she can hardly walk. She now uses a cane. However, when one of us is around she will hang on to one of us. After the visit to the doctor, we took her to one of her favorite discount grocery stores. She's good if she can balance herself on a shopping cart. She likes to shop at the discount stores like the Dollar Store. She doesn't have to shop at those stores but that what she prefers. She grew up during the Depression (how ironic at the end of her life she us undergoing another economic depression) and it's hard for her to change her thrifty habits.

We had lunch at Wegmans. Oh how I miss Wegmans (I think I've made this point before.) Wegmans is just the best store ever. It has everything, plus a wonderful food court that is GOOD! Better than ANYTHING Rehoboth Beach or Lewes has to offer. Plus, I can get almost anything at Wegmans. I especially like their homemade spicy hummus. Try getting something like that at Safeway in Rehoboth. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and I asked him if he and his wife were considering moving from Pennsylvania. He said "Why would I? Everything I want is here." He was right. Everything is right there in the Downingtown area. No traveling 30 miles to Dover or 90 miles to Wilmington to a half way decent shopping mall. But then, he can afford to pay the high Pennsylvania taxes. I couldn't. That's why I moved.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. The rolling hills, winding roads, streams and rivers. Delaware is basically a flat plain near the coast. Very few winding roads. I love Delaware and have no regrets that I moved there. But I still miss the state I was born in, Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow I have lunch with my former classmate Judy and her son Ben at my favorite restaurant in Pennsylvania, the Brickside Grill. I have enjoyed reuniting with friends and spending time with my Mother but I will be glad to go home again. When I return I won't be staying longer than two days.

I hope that bridge is open when I roll on down 896 on Sunday morning. I don't need any delays going home.

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