Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Days of Innocence

Ah, those days of innocence as the picture above reflects. The photo is of this blogger, circa 1952. It was a fifth grade elementary school photo. Note that even in the Boring Fifties, spiky hair was in style (actually, I couldn't control my hair). Look at the pure innocence on that face. Perhaps if I get enough courage I'll show you that same face 54 years hence (now). That comparison would be a brutally graphic display of the trials and tribulations of the past 54 years. Days of joy, days of anguish. Presently, I am undergoing the worst time of my life. Trying to sell my home. I have a new beautiful home and I would to move there permanently and enjoy a downsized lifestyle that a 64 year old body requires. This keeping two homes is not fun. Back and forth. The homes are 2 1/2 hours apart. Double bills. Keeping track of everything. Is the milk in the refrigerator in my home in Delaware or the home in Pennsylvania? How about my goldfish (three ponds in the Pennsylvania home)? Who is feeding them? If this is Sunday do I mow the Delaware lawn or the Pennsylvania lawn? Hopefully, this nightmare will soon come to an end and I will again be the same carefree 10 year old boy pictured above. Perhaps the body is different, after the ravages of stress and gravity. However, the mind will again be carefree and happy.

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stumpjumper said...

Yeah, yeah. own up to it, you had "unruly" hair - as most of us did back then. Well, at least you still have yours. Great post. Don't stop now.