Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ron Medical Update

Today was the day for my health checkups.

This morning I had an appointment with my cardiologist. This is an annual appointment that I began ten years ago.  What prompted the first appointment (checkup) was the indication I had an extra heartbeat. I'm on medication for that condition. Once a year my cardiologist checks me. I'm stable. Good news!

This afternoon I had my annual appointment with my urologist. Just a coincidence that I had both appointments the same day but just as well. Get them both out of the way. As regular readers of this blog know I'm a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the late summer of 2013, right after I met Pat. He thought "Here I met Ron and he's going to die!" Well, I didn't die (obviously) but I did have surgery for my prostate cancer. Seed implants. So far they seem to be working. My PSA score is creeping up albeit slowly. This year it is .6. Last year it was .5. And the year before it was .4. As my urologist says "That cancer is looking for a place to land. Fortunately for you it's going slowly." That was the same year I had a series of kidney stone attacks which resulted in several surgeries. So far my kidney stones haven't returned. Maybe it's because I drink a LOT of water now. A LOT.

One of my biggest fears is that I will die before Bill. He's stable now but slowly fading. I see it every day.

I ended the day with good news. My John Deere Zero Degree Riding Mower conked out on my the other day. I've been trying to get in touch with my repair guy. He's so busy like all good service people, that he was having problems getting back to me. He was supposed to be here yesterday to look at my mower but he said he got "hung up" on another job. I understand that but I did lose my afternoon nap yesterday which throws me back at the end of the day. I wind down like an old wind up clock if I don't have my two hour afternoon nap. Well, the good news is today he showed up on time and checked out my tractor. Turns out all I need is a new battery. I asked him to haul it away and do annual maintenance on the tractor now. Of course that leaves me with our almost one acre of "football field" lawn/backyard to mow.  I called Jose Sierra, our local Mexican landscaper. He'll be over tomorrow to do the job for only fifty dollars! That's a good price. Of course I couldn't afford to have him mow our lawn all summer and besides I like to mow our lawn myself. I find it relaxing. As long as I'm riding the mower and not pushing it.

I've been upset lately with the developments in Afghanistan. We're leaving all those Afghans who helped us. I am very disappointed in my summer neighbor and president, Joe Biden. He better get on the ball and have a Berlin Airlift type moment and get all those Afghans who helped us out of the way the murderous Taliban.

I know I just went way off subject here in this blog posting, something which I try to avoid doing as a good blog posting protocol but I had to get that off my chest. 

A good day here folks, a good day.


VRCooper said...

Glad you checked out fine...When I worked in urology-6 years-yes, I saw all kinds of swinging dicks-the urologist would age adjust for the PSA with the older guys...For regular guys, anything over a 4 would be worrisome...Older folks we would tweak things...It is said that prostate cancer is slow-growing and most guys will die of something else...And if you dig up a bunch of old fogies you will find that most of them will have prostate cancer to a degree...Glad the football field is mowed...You have your neighborhood reputation to uphold...Best--Victor XO

Jennifer Robert said...

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Ron said...

Yes, indeed good news. I had a PSA reading of 8.4 when I decided to see a urologist and proceeded to make a decision for treatment of my prostate cancer. Now I'm below 1.00 which is good. My friend Rich had his prostate removed and his is also creeping up, albeit very slowly. However, he's getting treatment. I'm not going that route at my age. Something is gong to eventually get me. I just hope it's not too painful and I'm not dependent on anybody to keep me lingering.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think this very slight increase of your psa after a radiation treatment is meaningless. You still have a prostate and your psa may fluctuate a bit. In my non-professional but relatively well informed opinion, the explanation of your urologist about cancer lurking for an opportunity is not realistic, just alarmistic. The biochemical recurrence after radiation is defined as an increase of psa above 2 from the smallest value you have ever reached. Far away from the numbers you are getting. The results are considered in a very differently way if the prostate has been removed. In this case (my case) an increase above 0.1 would be significant and it would probably require further treatment.
If you are in the right mood for it, you can take a look at the entries of the "Healing Well Prostate Cancer Forum". The members are patients but some of them (not all) give excellent advice and information on the topic. Although I guess that you are right if you are not particularly worry and you think you do not need to know more on this stuff.
Best wishes. Juan, Madrid.

Ur-spo said...

so long as we wake up with a day with meaning and duty and loved ones it is a good day indeed. hugs

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