Friday, August 27, 2021

Lawn Fungus Infection August 2021

Here at Casa Tipton-Kelly we have a disaster this summer. All the money I spend in lawn care went down the drain with the continuous, excessive heat and humidity. Basically the grass in my whole backyard is dead, succumbing to a fungus attack caused by the excessive heat and humidity of this summer. Right now the temperature here is 92 degrees and with the humidity the heat index is 108 degrees. And I said I would never move to Palm Springs California full-time because of the heat? What about southern coastal Delaware which is where we live now?

Now of course my situation is small potatoes (one of Pat's phrases) in the big picture of what is going on in the whole world today. If it were not for the luck of my birth, I could of have been one of those Afghans at the Kabul airport attempting to flee their country that were victims of a suicide bomber yesterday. I always have to temper my situation with "it could have been worse" situation.

What am I going to do about my lawn? I could do what my brother John did (he lives in Greenville, South Carolina). He cemented over most of his backyard and made it a parking lot for his church functions when he has company. No more Slave To The Lawn for John.

This is what I'm going to do, I'll sign up for the special fungus prevention program ($335 for three applications) and see if that gives me a nice green lawn. Already I'm spending over $1,000 a year for weed control and fertilization.  Those of you who are good at math know that I'm getting up to $2,000 a year now for lawn care. I spend NOTHING for lawn care when we lived on our almost seven acres of land in Pennsylvania. Yes, we mowed the weeds but the lawn was always green. Weeds are hardy that way. If this fungus control program doesn't work, I may just go back to a weed lawn. There are other neighbors here in our neighborhood who don't get lawn treatment like I do.  Right now their lawns are nice and green. Not this stinky, straw smelling, fungus infected lawn that is afflicting me now. 

One thing when I moved into this neighborhood and I saw the difference between those who had "nice" lawns and the "others." I didn't want to be "one of those others." I wanted a nice lawn. I'm telling you folks, it's hard work and expensive. I may not have a choice though. If Bill passes before I do, there won't be enough household income to support such a luxurious treatment of our/my lawn. 

Challenges folks, challenges.


wcs said...

It's been a hard year for gardeners everywhere, it seems. My vegetable garden is a disaster this year. Too much rain, too cold. Everything is rotting out there. There's always next year for the veg. I hope your solutions work for the lawn.

Ron said...

I checked out my neighbor Jane's lawn. She receives the fungus treatment on her lawn. Coincidentally she uses the same lawn service company that I use. I recommended this lawn service company to her several years ago. Her lawn is beautiful. Next year I'll try the fungus treatment on my lawn. If it doesn't work, then I go au natural.
Nice to hear from you Walt. I don't blog as much as I used to in the past but I'll never give up blogging. It's my therapy.

Travel said...

Every person needs a hobby, something to focus on. Gardening can be fun, but hard work, and at times frustrating. Do what you love, do what you enjoy. It is okay to be one of them that does, or one of them that don't.

Ur-spo said...

blech to lawns. they are time/money suckers.
Good luck with the fungus.

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