Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Army Worm Lawn Treatment

Late today my lawn service company came over today to treat our backyard for the army worm infestation. 

The owner of the lawn service company came with his employee (the employee speaks very little English) to check out the damage. He said they're still trying to "figure out" how to deal with this latest parasitic invasion. He said the Army worms are acting differently on different lawns, sometimes stopping at the border line between neighboring lawns. He said the worm appears to like wire (Bermuda) grass. Hey now, that worm can eat ALL OF MY WIRE GRASS that I've been trying to get rid of for years. Wire grass, also known as "rope grass" is very invasive and takes over a lawn. I've tried, unsuccessfully, over the past years to get rid of my wire grass only to see it come back like Jason in "Halloween." 

I told the owner of my lawn service company to do whatever possible to rid with parasite from my lawn. I used to have such a beautiful lawn which was a wonderful source of serenity for me at this time of my life which I'm home all the time as full-time caregiver of Bill. To have my lawn die almost over night (less than a week my lawn went from a lush green to a desolate brown), only adds to my sense of despair and isolation. But as Pat always reminds me "This is only a first world problem" and indeed it is. At least I wasn't one of those poor Afghan souls seeking to escape their country from brutal religious extremists who only goal seems to be brutal to anyone who doesn't subscribe to their interpretation of religion. 

Hopefully after this application my beautiful lawn will return to it's proper place in my little corner of the world here in southern Delaware.


VRCooper said...

Good luck on the return of green, green acres...See what I did there...At this stage in your life, you want as most joy as you can get...If it is looking at deep green grass, then so be it...

Ron said...

Exactly right!

Ur-spo said...

any updates?

Ron said...

Just posted an update now. The worms have stopped eating my lawn, hopefully they're all dead however I do see a lot of moths (the adult stage of the work/ceterpillar) low flying around my dead lawn when I crackle walk on it. I'll have to wait until next year to have that green carpet lawn that gives us (me and Bill) so much pleasure.

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