Thursday, July 15, 2021

Palm Springs February 12, 2020

One of my favorite places in the whole wide world is Palm Springs, California. 

I discovered Palm Springs by a casual suggestion from Pat's friend Nadege a few years ago when Pat and I were in West Hollywood for our annual wintertime California holiday. She knew Pat was interested in Mid Century Modernism design and told Pat that Palm Springs had an annual two week event celebrating that very Mid Century Modernism.

With that suggestion Pat and I took a one day flyer to Palm Springs out of our two week Los Angeles (West Hollywood) stay. That's all it took folks. 

As we entered Palm Springs through the highway lined with hundreds of solar powered windmills, we sensed we were entering some place very special. Thus began an annual tradition, one week in West Hollywood and one week in Palm Springs.

However, that still wasn't enough. For the last two years we've been spending TWO WEEKS in Palm Springs. And that folks, still isn't enough but for now it will have to do.

This video was taken just as COVID was beginning its deathly march across the United States and the world. Little did we know at this time we wouldn't  be back to Palm Springs in 2021. 

I'm hoping that we can return to Palm Springs in 2022. But that may not be possible either now that I am a full-time caregiver. Bill needs me for everything. Feeding, showering, dressing, pill taking, and monitoring that he doesn't fall. Everything. I cannot leave him at all. 

Looking at this video brings back fond memories of our last time in that paradise right here on earth that is called Palm Springs, California. 

I shall return (I hope).


pat888 said...

I, too, really like Palm Springs. It's a nice fit. Not a city by any means - but large enough to have what you need and want. If not in PS exactly - one of the close by neighbouring towns like Palm Desert or Cathedral City. PS also hosts a number or events throughout the year besides Modernism Week such as the Film Fests and Desert Arts Fest, etc. And besides have an easy time to amuse oneself it's still not that expensive a place to live. Must be run well the municipality. Sooo much looking forward to getting back to Palm Springs. One way or another - we'll get there Ron.


Ur-spo said...

My last trip to PS was canceled in March 2020 due to covid19.
When I return it will be symbolic of 'return to normalcy' - but will my old favorite things / haunts be there still?

Ron said...

Provincetown used to be my favorite getaway. Then it was West Hollywood. Now Palm Springs, by FAR AND AWAY! Can't wait to go back and have a Zombie!

Ron said...

We have a future date in Palm Springs. Mark your calendar you rascal you. Eggplant parmigiana.

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