Wednesday, June 02, 2021


Happy birthday Howard!

My longtime friend celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago. I made this short video of some old photos and recent photos and videos that I had of him. I love making these "music" videos. I just wish I had more time to do them. 

I met Howard way back in 1979 when I used to visit my longtime friend Bob McC. who I met when I was attending ASA Training School in Ft. Devens, Mass in 1960. I used to visit Bob's place when he lived in southern Delaware in the late 70's.  Bob also lived and worked near Philadelphia as I did during that long ago time. He was still in the closet at that time.  He let his hair down by spending the weekends getting drunk at his single wide trailer on twenty-acres of wooded land outside Georgetown Delaware. Oh the bacchanals we used to have those wild weekends. One fo the pictures you see if of me cutting my birthday cake on my 39th birthday. The first and only surprise party I ever had in my life!  And yes, I was surprised. You'll see Howard (blonde hair) in the background along with my boyfriend at that time of my life, "Fuzzy" (the bespectacled bearded guy also in the background). 

Over the years I lost touch with Howard (strictly a platonic relationship by the way.  When our mutual friend Bob died five years ago, we rekindled our friendship when I met Howard at Bob's memorial service. 

At the end of the video you'll see one of my Old Time Photo excursions. Since the pandemic I haven't been able to organize one of those fun events but I'm thinking of doing one again.  

Friends are so important in our quality of life. Hopefully, now that the vaccinations are causing the pandemic to recede in our rearview mirror we can renew these in person friendships and I can create more memories with my photos and videos.


VRCooper said...

You are such a talented man! It would take me ages to create a video. Now if I had to I could. I have always been that way about technical. If I have to use it I will master it.

Our friends old and new are our anchors. Takes us out of every day and lets us enjoy life if not just for a minute.

Look at you cutting that cake and causing a stir in that outfit. I was that rail-thin back in the day. I was 27 when I went into the military. They used to make fun of me standing sideways. You couldn't see me. I stand about 6/1, 6/2, and at the time weighed about 176. I was on meal watch in basic. I actually lost weight. so my drill sergeant had folks watching me to ensure I ate. The truth be told I was 27 when I went in and the food they served was crapy. I was not a big breakfast eater. I mean full tilt every day. Lunch was a lot of fried foods and the same with dinner. Eating burgers, fries, and pizza every day did not interest me. I almost had my uniforms refitted. I started working out and now I am about 195 at age 62.


Ron said...

Making those slideshow videos is so much fun for me. They do take time (that one took all morning) and I just don't have that time now, especially now when I have so much outside yard work to do in addition to taking care of Bill. And here I thought I would have all this time to do things I really enjoyed when I "retired." I haven't done one of those videos in a while, I will do more because I do find them very relaxing to do, and relaxing is what I need at this time of my life. Bill is in bed now (he goes to bed early) and I can check my blog and make responses like I'm doing now.
Our fluctuation in weight is interesting isn't it? When I graduated form high school I was 6'4' and weighed 160. After graduation I failed my first Army physical and had to have a hernia operation in which I contact a staph infection. I was in and out of the hospital the next six months and gained forty-five points. 205 pounds was the most I ever weighed in my life. When I joined the Army I had lost most of that weight and was down to 160. Over the years my weight has bluecoated to a high of 175 but mostly 170 lbs. Since I've been taking care of Bill it's down to 160 now but because of my age my skin is loose and I don't have that hard body I had when I was younger. I have the typical skinny old man body with the small pot belly. I could lose another twenty-five pounds but would still have that pot belly. I gave up getting rid of that belly.
My regular exercise is walking and now yard work, which keeps the blood flowing in my veins and prevents sedentary disease which affects so many older men.
Good luck on your daily workouts Victor!

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